Cheetos “Bag of Bones” Review!

It’s been a beautifully gloomy day, complete with an especially long thunderstorm. I’m so looking forward to camping on the couch with sunflower seeds and Michael Myers. But first, this!


Oh, man. GORGEOUS. I’m not completely sure if they’re new for 2014, but they definitely weren’t around last year. It’s the Cheetos BAG OF BONES! With “bones” in four different shapes, you’re afforded the chance to make complete skeletons out of white cheddar Cheetos! YAY!!!

Get the full scoop in tonight’s video:

It’s pretty early, but I think these are gonna be one of the big highlights of the season. I keep looking over at the bag and thinking, “Thank God I bought two.”

Enjoy, and thanks for watching.

It’s a Saturday in September. Go do something spooky!


I sure did!