Commander USA: Mausoleum!

Thanks everyone for helping to make the launch of this year’s Halloween Countdown such a success! Looking forward to spending the next two months with you guys.

Did some hunting today and finally found that spooky Mountain Dew, so I’ll be able to review that — among other things — next week.

Tonight’s video was suggested by LibraryLeia, and it’s a doozy. Get ready for the Commander USA broadcast of MAUSOLEUM, complete with all of the original TV spots!

If you’ve never seen Mausoleum — which had awesome VHS art, btw — here’s the synopsis from Google: “A man asks a psychiatrist to help his wife, who is cursed to share her body with a demon.”

The movie is super on-point for the season, but the video is worth watching even just for the old commercials. Enjoy!