Dollar Store Three-Man Attack Series!

Me and two buddies thought it might be fun to do a project together, and since gabbing about bullshit from dollar stores is so easy, I’m guessing that was my contribution to our process.

Teaming with Billy from VeggieMacabre and Brian from Review the World, we were each challenged to find the best “dollar store junk” possible on strict five dollar budgets. (Well, kind of strict. I don’t think any of us factored tax into the equation.)

In Typical Me fashion, I held up the process for way too long, only to make the plainest vid of the trio!

Cool, you watched it. Or maybe you didn’t. Check out Billy and Brian’s versions, after the jump!

Billy from VeggieMacabre is one of the best people I’ve ever “met” through doing this website stuff, and I’m extremely lucky to have him as a friend. Cannot mean that more sincerely. When you’re through watching his video, I strongly suggest scouring his archives. There is a LOT of great shit hiding in there, covering basically every topic imaginable. (With a generous extra sprinkling of All Things Horror, if you’re into that!)

Brian from Review the World is another longtime friend who’s been rocking his thing for, wow, almost as long as I have? Brian’s site is filled with tons of terrific written content, but as you’ll see with his part of the trio, he’s really found his voice in video form. Which makes me both proud and extremely envious! He recently hit the reset button on his site, and is knocking ’em out of the park on a regular basis.

Both Billy and Brian are two of the purest friends I’ve made during my internet adventures, and the fact that they’re both creative wizards is just the gravy. Was very happy to finally do something with them!