Christmas at Dollar Tree.

Today’s video covers my Christmas shopping spree at Dollar Tree:

Dollar Tree’s assortment of Xmas decorations and novelties is… interesting.

During Halloween, they can get away with anything, since spooky stuff only seems to improve with cheapness and cheese. Christmas junk, on the other hand… not so much. It’s like someone paged through an Oriental Trading catalog and vowed to do everything it did with 1/10th the money and effort.

That isn’t exactly a complaint, though. There’s a weird sincerity to this garbage, and also a strange phenomenon where you look at the garbage, feel bad for the garbage and then buy the garbage.

I’ll stand there staring at a 4” fake wreath for ten minutes, and by the time I’m done, leaving it behind feels like I’m ignoring a blind, three-legged stray cat.

Anyway, the point of this video is to show that you needn’t spend a lot of money to have stupid Christmas fun. For five bucks, I got everything from a new mug to a snowman-themed paddleball. Retail therapy on the cheap. Happy holidays.