The End of 2021!

This is your weird, limbotic post-Christmas / pre-New Year’s thread! It’s always one of the strangest weeks of the year, right? Feels like half your body is cement, and the other half is a helium balloon about to pop in the stratosphere.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday season. I sure did. I said it a few times during Halloween, but these celebrations really work best when we look at them like garnish.

I’m actually looking forward to the “drier” months to come. There isn’t too much to grab onto from January through April, but that can be motivating. After spending the last 4+ months trying to tie so many of my activities to the time of year, it’ll be fun to get a little creative and just see what’s out there.

As kids, we’d all be on break for school this week, free to spend every waking moment messing with our new toys and watching sitcom reruns. As adults, even if you did save some vacation time, it’s rarely going to be that relaxing. Hell, for many of you, the only difference between this week and any other week is that you might get off a little early on Friday.

Even if that’s the case, I encourage you to embrace the traditional spirit of those post-Xmas days. Find whatever time you can for reflection, and for walking around wearing a blanket cape, and for mapping out your 2022, and for binging some dumb TV series. Work in some pizza or Chinese, and leave the lights twinkling until Little Christmas.

This is a one-week free-for-all thread. Talk about whatever! I’ll update again after 1/1.