Raiding Alice’s Fridge from Friday the 13th Part 2!

During Friday the 13th Part 2’s cold open, Alice Hardy — the sole survivor from the first movie — was killed by Jason Voorhees. (Icepick to the temple, if you were wondering!)

Perhaps more shocking than the way Alice croaked was what she saw just before it happened:

See, Jason was specifically after Alice to avenge his mother’s death. (Remember, Alice beheaded Pamela Voorhees in the original Friday the 13th.)

Jason somehow hid his mother’s rotting head in Alice’s refrigerator, ensuring that it’d be the last thing she saw before cashing out. (An unusually poetic move from Mr. Voorhees!)

During this scene, all eyes are naturally on Pamela’s head… unless you’re me, and you’re way more interested in what sort of food Alice kept in her fridge.

(click here for a larger pic)

That’s why I’m here!

Using that image, I was able to identify nearly every item in Alice’s refrigerator. I don’t just mean in a general way, either. Anyone can see that there’s a bottle of salad dressing in there, but I worked hard to determine exactly what kind of salad dressing it was.

Friday the 13th Part 2 was shot in late 1980. This particular scene was filmed in Torrington, Connecticut. Naturally, the items inside of Alice’s refrigerator reflected both of those facts.

Here’s the breakdown:

#1: Seven Seas Herbs & Spices Dressing!

Oil, vinegar and loads of dried herbs. Given that the bottle in Alice’s fridge is almost totally empty, this must’ve been an especially awesome salad dressing.

#2: V8 Vegetable Juice!

I miss those older V8 labels, which painted a picture of a much earthier vegetable juice. With a label like that, you almost forgot that you were drinking as much brine as carrots.

As many of you know, I love V8. Alice was never my favorite Friday the 13th character, but now that she’s been outed as a V8 enthusiast, I want to send her nonstop texts about basically everything.

#3: Lender’s Bagels!

Lender’s Bagels are still in production, but I distinctly remember bags in that exact style living in our family’s freezer way back when. As I recall, they came with an ironclad guarantee to crash onto the floor every time you opened the door.

#4: Stop & Shop Apple Sauce!

Okay, can you give me props for this? With only a sliver of the label visible, it wasn’t easy to identify the exact brand of 37-year-old applesauce hiding in Alice’s fridge.

Stop & Shop is a still-running northeastern supermarket chain. Their stores are large and generally have good prices. It’s where we go when we’re doing the annoying “full restock” and not just looking for things to eat twenty minutes later. I dare say I’ve spent more than a hundred terrible afternoons in Stop & Shop.

#5: Mystery Soda Bottles!

It’s impossible to know exactly what those bottles in the back are filled with, but it’s obviously some sort of soda. Likely not Pepsi or Coke, and possibly not a “major” brand of any sort.

All I can say for sure is that they’re one-liter bottles of something, from back when one-liter glass bottles were still an everyday thing.

#6: Pathmark Milk!

Pathmark was another northeastern supermarket chain. You could think of it as the Kmart of grocery stores: Always weird and always kinda gross, but stocked with cheap things that no similar store seemed to have.

(Until the chain’s closure in 2015, some Pathmark stores hadn’t been remodeled since the early ‘90s or even earlier. It was always a trip to wander through the most dated ones and marvel at the antiquated fried chicken placards. Hey, you know what makes me not want to eat chicken? A six foot wooden chicken begging me to.)

#7: Farm Fresh Milk!

Weird that Alice had two cartons of milk in her fridge, but it’s paved way for some fun headcanon involving her screwy obsession with milk.

Now I can only picture Alice talking about “the boy Jason” or milk.

#8: The Head of Pamela Voorhees!

It’s not a food item, but it is in Alice’s fridge.

If you’ve never seen Friday the 13th Part 2, I should mention that Pamela’s severed head returns late in the movie, as part of Jason’s macabre shrine to his mother.

Fun fact: As originally conceived, the head was supposed to “come alive” in the final shot of the film, to give the sequel a shock on the level of Jason’s “lake attack” from the first movie. That plan was eventually scratched, but several YouTubers have since made quirky recreations.

Thanks for reading, because I needed to write this.