Halloween 2020 Free-For-All Thread!

Okay, I know I’ve missed some of the due updates here on After Dark, but I didn’t wanna leave y’all without a HALLOWEEN FREE-FOR-ALL THREAD, at least!

It’s early Friday evening as I write this. I was hoping to end Dino Drac’s Halloween Countdown with a bigger bang, but unfortunately, real life intervened: One of our older cats had to be hospitalized today. We won’t really know what we’re up against until tomorrow, and in the meantime all we can do is wait and hope.

The timing couldn’t be worse, but I know I missed the mark this year even before this happened. Didn’t do as much as I’d wanted, especially on the video front. Apologies for that, but I still hope Dino Drac managed to lift your Halloween spirit a few times over these last few months!

This is your HALLOWEEN FREE-FOR-ALL THREAD. Talk about whatever, but if you’re doing anything cool tonight or tomorrow, we obviously wanna hear about it!