Halloween 2021: Week 1!

Dinosaur Dracula’s 2021 Halloween Countdown has begun, and with it, a new “season” here on Dino Drac After Dark! This year, we’re going to keep things extra simple. A new thread posted every Friday night, which’ll (hopefully) carry the discussions throughout the week!

Drop by as often as you like, and join the conversation with a bunch of swell Halloween maniacs who live for this stuff as much as you do. Don’t be shy — everyone is friendly around these parts. In the comments, feel free to talk about anything having to do with Halloween, and once you get settled, even maybe things that have nothing to do with Halloween.

New snacks! Planned trips! Horror movies! Whatever! Think of After Dark as a casual late-night clubhouse without a lot of frills or fuss, where you can chat about nonsense without the weird pressure that comes with most social media platforms.

…and for a little background noise, here’s ten minutes’ worth of vintage Halloween TV spots! This is my own upload and I’m pretty sure I’ve run it on After Dark before, but it’s just too perfect for our first night out. Dunno if it’s possible to watch this compilation and not FEEL the season.

Enjoy yourselves, and keep your eye on the main site, too — there’s so much yet to come!