Halloween 2021: Week 2!

Time for a new thread! Hope everyone enjoyed the first official week of the Halloween season, not to mention the first week of Dino Drac’s Halloween Countdown!

I’ve been forcing myself to pace myself and not get hung up on weekly quotas and stuff. One thing I wanted to do differently this season is allow myself time to work on bigger videos, and then maybe let those videos have more than a minute to collect eyes before moving onto the next thing. (On that note, gonna be filming the next edition of Halloween Junk Food History this weekend. Onward to 2004!

Other than that, I’ve just been enjoying the season. Every little bit of it. Tonight I had to drive all over Jersey for a silly reason that’s not worth getting into, but the point is that it was chilly and dark, and with very little traffic on the highways. Rolled down the window and cranked the jukebox, and it was a total slice of Halloween heaven. Those uncelebrated parts of the season are so often the best ones.

This thread is here to carry you through Week 2 of the Halloween season. Talk about whatever ya want! Up above is a little ambiance, if you need it. Background noise in the form of an endless thunderstorm. Enjoy!