Halloween 2021: Week 3!

We’re now two weeks into the Halloween season. Hope it’s going well for everyone! This weekend I’ll be working on the Funpacks, but I’m sneaking in a horror-themed mini-trip on Saturday, too. (Not for article purposes or anything, though I’m sure I’ll post a pic somewhere.)

I’m also investigating an overnighter for October. Not sure for what, exactly, but I know I want to do something, and I’m pretty sure I want to do it alone. There are a bunch of conventions coming up, and while I may hit one or two, I’m looking for something a little more outside-the-box. (And also a little closer to home, in case I have any cat-related emergencies. Yeah, I’ve become that guy.)

Mapping out potential activities (even if you never end up doing them) is such a fun part of the season. Strongly recommended for all! Honestly, it’s worth it just for those Google discoveries of nearby places that you’ve somehow never heard of. Wait, you’re telling me I have access to a gemstone museum that doubles as a mini golf course? Awesome.

This is your free-for-all thread for WEEK 3 of the 2021 Halloween season. Talk about whatever, all week long!

This week’s background noise is an eerie forest with all of the appropriate SFX. It’ll give you the best kinds of spooky dreams.