Halloween 2021: Week 4!

Three weeks down, five to go! (I think it’s five, anyway?)

Hope the third week of the 2021 Halloween season treated you well. Sorry there was only one new piece on the site, but between the Funpacks and the bonus show, there wasn’t time for much else!

Currently scripting my next video *and* prepping for our next podcast. The video required three eBay purchases and a trip to Target, that’s all I’ll say for now. The upcoming podcast is our annual Spooky Songs show. Earlier I had to watch a horror movie that’s associated with one of our picks. Won’t spoil which one, but it’s pretty famous and I’m amazed that it took me decades to see it.

(Also, watching a horror movie during the proper Halloween season just hits differently, doesn’t it? I haven’t done it nearly enough this year.)

I’ve been scoring big on the junk food front, so I’ll almost definitely publish another edition of 2021’s Best Halloween Junk Food next week, too. This has been one of the greatest years *ever* for Halloween snacks, no hyperbole. Hell, just this afternoon while out on a boring errand run, I managed to find three more eerie edibles that I didn’t even know existed. (Pumpkin Spice Moon Pies, anyone?)

ANYWAY, here’s your frightening free-for-all thread for WEEK 4 of the Halloween season. Talk about whatever you want, all week long.

Since we’re getting to the part of September when even the most seasoned Halloween pros might need a direct hit of dopamine, this week’s video seemed like a solid choice. Enjoy Garfield’s Halloween Adventure, for the first or hundredth time.