Halloween 2021: Week 6!

Welcome to WEEK 6 of the 2021 Halloween season. As I mentioned in an After Dark comment last night, one thing I’ve really loved about this season is the lack of “lows.”

I’ve been at this for a loooong time, and usually there’s a severe dip in enthusiasm between late September and early October. This year, that doesn’t seem to be the case — the excitement level is still very high, across the board. Ya love to see it!

I’m dedicating my weekend to catching up and cleaning up. On the fun side, that means hitting a bunch of restaurant-style places to try their Halloween offerings before I lose my chance. On the not-so-fun side, it also means spending five hours clutching a bottle of Windex.

This is your free-for-all thread for WEEK 6. Talk about whatever you want, all week long.

For background noise, I put together a YouTube playlist featuring a whole bunch of spooky-themed music videos. It’ll keep you busy for a long while. Have fun!