Happy New Year, Charlie Brown!

Wow, look at me, updating Dino Drac After Dark. How novel!

At this point, I think all of you get that even if I’m totally absent for a while, I won’t be absent forever, and you’ll just make the most of whichever comment thread hangs at the top.

No big deal — though one of my New Year’s resolutions is to make sure this place doesn’t slide by without updates THAT often anymore.

Consider this your New Year’s Eve/Day thread, because I will almost certainly NOT be around tomorrow night. I might not even be conscious!

To celebrate 2018’s arrival (or possibly 2017’s demise), here’s Happy New Year, Charlie Brown!

The special premiered back in ‘86, though weirdly feels like it’s from at least ten years prior. (Yes, even with Chuck’s hip reference to computer games!)

If you’re a Charlie Brown fan, it’s kind of a downer, because our boy just gets the shit kicked out of him in this one. Though I guess he kinda does in every Peanuts special?

On the bright side, of all the Peanuts specials I’ve seen, this is the one that feels closest to the gang’s Chex Mix commercials. To the point where I frequently misremember Chex Mix as appearing during the party scene.