Lightning Gremlin Figure!

It’s been weeks since I’ve put anything of substance on Dinosaur Dracula, but man, I had a good reason. Working with some new folks on some new things, and it’s been a blast so far.

I love what I’m doing, but I haaaate the timing. I didn’t even get a whole month to enjoy the new site smell (mulberry) before I started treating Dino Drac like X-E.

Tonight, a small peace offering. A hunk of blue plastic shaped like a Gremlin.

Okay, hate to pull an aside in Minute One, but let’s go back to that.  “Gremlin.” When referring to the species and not the movie title, should it be capitalized?  It never looks right to me when it isn’t. (Which is strange, because “mogwai” seems fine without a big M.) Somebody tell me.

What you’re looking at up there is NECA’s incredible Lightning Gremlin figure, a Toys “R” Us exclusive that had me dusting off the Charleston right there in Aisle 17.

Sweet heaven, a Lightning Gremlin action figure.

Well, sort of.

See, it isn’t really a “figure.” It’s more of a statue. A statue that would not photograph well no matter how hard I tried. It’s much neater in person, though I admit that I would not have paid thirteen bucks for six ounces of flat blue plastic if it wasn’t shaped like a Gremlin.

It’s just such an odd little thing. The figure feels more like some weird Comic-Con exclusive than a tried and true “big release.” I’m happy it isn’t, because I have a huge phobia of Comic-Con. All of them. Even the ones in fly-by-night Jersey cities that take the name in vain.

The unfortunate angle of the photo gives the impression that Lightning Gremlin is a shorty. He isn’t. He’s pretty tall. I don’t think his height is important enough to warrant ruler retrieval, but just know that Lightning Gremlin is three inches taller than whatever you’re predicting.

Ugh. I forgot how to blog.

It’s my God given right to believe that everyone knows everything about Gremlins, but the truth is, some of you don’t. So here’s a quick bio:

In Gremlins 2, several “normal” Gremlins were fabulously mutated by drinking potions in a scientific laboratory. One turned into a bat, another into vegetables. Lightning Gremlin turned into lightning. That’s why he’s named that.  Represented as a bright blue animated character, the Lightning Gremlin killed Christopher Lee, got trapped in a phone, and was ultimately used to electrocute five thousand Gremlin brothers against his will.

That’s a much better photo.

If you look at his hand in the lower left and squint, you’ve got an Egyptian goddess drinking something.

I’d give NECA’s Lightning Gremlin 4 out of 5 stars, but why miss an opportunity to be brainlessly clever?


4 out of 5 Gizmo feet.