Madd Matt reviews an 18″ Michael Myers doll.

It’s 8 AM. I haven’t been to bed yet.

Really reminded me of the old, old, OLD X-E days, when overnight “shifts” were the norm, and days could be slept into virtual nonexistence. I rarely have the chance to fall this far off the grid anymore, and it was fun to rekindle my love of silent nights and crow-cawing dawns.

The reason for this overnighter? I put on the ol’ face paint and reviewed some giant Michael Myers doll:

Had to re-render the thing like five times. I am so sick of watching this video.

I’ve owned this doll for many years, though “action figure” might be a more accurate term. It certainly sounds less shameful. Sort of.

Michael Myers is 18 inches tall, comes with a knife, and plays the Halloween theme when you wave your hand in front of him. Made by NECA, this guy can fetch a pretty penny. I’d considered hawking mine on eBay, but who needs $50 when you can have a YouTube video with 200 views, four likes and six dislikes?

Great toy, if you can find it. It looks like a statue but poses like a figure, or at least, some parts of it pose like a figure. The head moves. The arms sort of move. I don’t know. I haven’t slept since Monday. Or Tuesday. Not sure. Days confuse me right now.