Madd Matt’s Vampire Doll, from 1988!

Madd Matt is back, and he has a new doll!

Actually, the doll isn’t new. It’s from 1988. Many of you should recognize this animated vampire figure, which for a time seemed as common a Halloween decoration as fake webs and plastic spider rings.

Part of a larger line of battery-operated monsters, I’ve long thought of them as cheap imitations of the much nicer Telco figures. (I don’t mean “cheap” as an insult. On the collectors’ market, those Telco “Motionettes” can go for several hundred dollars apiece, while this cruder Dracula frequently sells for a mere ten bucks. That’s how much I paid. Score!)




It’s a little late in the season to go fishing for Halloween decorations, but these guys are on eBay regularly, and they’re almost always affordable. They look great, come in amazing boxes, and make that all too familiar “horror beeping sound.” Recommended, if you have the shelf space!

PS: You can see more Madd Matt (lucky you) in The Sexy Armpit’s Halloween Special!