Merry Christmas, from Dino Drac!

It’s nearing 2AM as I write this — technically Christmas Eve, but only barely. I’m running on fumes and bourbon, shocked that our “simple” stay-at-home Christmas has required just as much prep as any regular one.

The gifts are wrapped. Everything except that weird bonsai tree I bought my S/O. How do you wrap a bonsai tree? I considered hiding it in my long-emptied Cheetos Popcorn tin, but I didn’t want to risk making the tree stink like fake cheese. She’s vegan, anyway.

Tomorrow I’ll wake up and cook for six hours straight. I’m making way too much food, in a sad attempt to replicate the feel of our normal Christmas Eve parties, which involve dozens of dishes for dozens of people. Somewhere along the way, I have to pick up sushi and that one last gift, because no matter how hard I try, there’s always that “one last gift” to get, every year.

Sleep would be the wisest move, but I wanted to leave you with a few last drops of holiday goodness. HI EVERYONE, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I hope you’ve enjoyed Dino Drac’s holiday season, truncated as it was. (The nice thing about 2020 is that you can do very little and sell it as a lot.)

It’s not the booze talking when I say that I love you guys, and that even after two decades, I still love doing this. I feel extremely blessed that I’m in a position to do it, and that I have enough of an audience to justify it. If there ever comes a point where those things stop being true, I’ll look back at this as one the luckiest times of my life — no matter how weird and low-rent it may sometimes be!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, but given the times we’re in, I get that some of you won’t. Looking around, it’s plain to see that a lot of folks are just trying to survive the week. Which brings me to the point of this “article” — in quotes because I’m not sure it actually qualifies as one.

If you find yourself with too little to do over the next few days, I’ve uploaded a couple of holiday videos that’ll help you pass the time. Big swings, IMO. These were all pulled from my VHS collection, and I tried to make the picture and sound as clean as possible:

Walt Disney World Very Merry Christmas Parade! (1987)

Power Rangers: Alpha’s Magical Christmas! (1994)

Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas (1992)

First is the complete broadcast of the 1987 Walt Disney World Very Merry Christmas Parade, along with all of the original TV commercials. What a trip! You’ll see everyone from Scrooge McDuck to Regis Philbin.

Second is a full VHS rip of Alpha’s Magical Christmas, the direct-to-video Power Rangers special that’s probably THE strangest slice of MMPR media out there. (Plot summary: Zordon and Alpha 5 steal various children to make them sing carols.)

Last is Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas, a 1992 TV special that originally aired on NBC. It features a whole lot of Doctor Claw, acting in ways that don’t always seem very Doctor Claw-like.

I wouldn’t normally blow through so much material without dedicated articles to accompany it, but hey, it’s Christmas, and this year, maybe some of you need the extra distractions. Enjoy them!

Whether you’re doing a little or a lot for the holidays, I hope you’re able to find joy and happiness. To those who read my articles, watch my (too infrequent) videos, or listen to the podcast with me and Jay, thank you soooo much, even if you’re totally silent about it.

Let’s put this post to good use: Consider the comments section your Christmas playground for the next few days. Talk about what you’re doing, what you’re eating, what you’re giving and what you’re getting. If all you do is order Chinese food and watch Christmas Vacation on Freeform, hell, talk about that too. Drop in as often as you like!

I’ll be bopping around social media with pics and drunken nonsense I’m sure, but if our paths don’t cross before I get another chance to say it: Merry Whatever You Celebrate!