Monster Cereal Commercials!

It’s stormy, cold and almost unnaturally dark out tonight, so this video is super appropriate:

Suggested by jjwspider, it’s a compilation of vintage Monster Cereal TV commercials. Almost 30 minutes’ worth!

Jjwspider adds: “This includes an appearance by Fruit Brute at around 5:35, and some awesome Star Wars trading cards near the 7:22 mark.”

Great stuff!

Now working on next week’s run of spooky content, which will hopefully include a new video and a podcast.

PS: While I have tons of suggested videos to use throughout the Halloween season, a quick inspection reveals that there are a bunch of slots still open!

If you wanna suggest a video to be run on Dino Drac After Dark, just email me the link, the name you’d like to be credited with, and if you like, a few sentences about the video. (Obviously, it should be something appropriate to run during the Halloween season!)