Mountain Dew VOODEW Soda Review!

I’m pleased to announce that I’m finally ready to do the Dew.

Mountain Dew VOODEW, that is! Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

New for 2019, it’s a chalky white mystery flavor fronted by a faceless grim reaper in an orange cloak. I say with total sincerity that it doesn’t get any better than that.

This is easily in the running for the coolest new thing of the 2019 Halloween season. Even if it doesn’t take the title, VOODEW will be somewhere on that stage.

Here’s my video review:


You’ll have to watch if you wanna hear my guess regarding the mystery flavor, but I will at least say that this stuff is REALLY good and strongly recommended.

PS: I haven’t been able to find VOODEW in its canned form just yet, but the can design is even more awesome. Whatever you choose to drink it out of, don’t miss this soda. It’s one of the things that will be forever synonymous with the 2019 Halloween season.