Hostess Peppermint Twinkies: Video Review!

I’ve been quietly surveying all of the new-for-2017 holiday junk foods, and man, there sure are a lot of them. Good ones, too!

Even if you’re not into the red-and-green season, I hope you can at least appreciate the fun garbage you’re gonna get to eat.

Take these monsters, for example. New from Hostess, Peppermint Twinkies are the minty fresh snack cakes that are almost alarmingly red.

Learn more about them in tonight’s video:

If you can’t spare the three minutes, the short version is that they’re okay, but mostly worth buying for the novelty factor. Or if you want to build a house out of bricks that are actually Twinkies.

Thanks for watching! Hoping this will be the first of many videos this season. We’ll see how that pans out!