The Return of Swamp Thing!

As mentioned, I wanted to start populating After Dark with spooky vids early, so new folks won’t be looking at months-old posts when I start “advertising” this place again once the Countdown starts. (In exactly one week! Wheee!)

You guys came through with another killer batch of suggestions for the 2019 season, including this one, from Jason H:

Behold, The Return of Swamp Thing, from 1989. It’s another one of those movies that’s “officially” free of charge on YouTube, even if that probably means that it won’t be available for a particularly long time. Seemed like a great pick to get our Halloween preseason started, as it bridges summer and autumn perfectly!

Jason adds: “I remember being a big Swamp Thing fan back in the day, into the cartoon series when no one else was, and this movie in particular over its more somber prequel. The Wes Craven original is probably a better movie, but there was always something about the Troll-esque transformation scene at the end that I found upsetting as a kid. Still do, actually!”