Target is selling Dinosaur Dracula dolls?!

If you haven’t heard the big news, the crown jewel of Target’s 2019 Halloween collection is… Dinosaur Dracula?

Well, Target is calling it a “dragon,” but I know Dinosaur Dracula when I see him.

While it would’ve been nice for Target to ask me before painting Dino Drac orange and making him wear clown pants, I feel nothing but extreme joy over this. Best of all, the doll is only five bucks!

Get the whole scoop in today’s video, which I almost didn’t get to upload because computers are generally terrible:


Thanks for watching, and good luck finding your own Dinosaur Dracula! If you don’t like me, just pretend he’s Cheesasaurus Rex.

PS: Not-Dino Drac is part of a trio of “Hyde and Eek Boutique” dolls, so if you like sloths or unicorns better than dinosaurs (“dragons”), they’re out there, too. The others aren’t dressed like vamps, sadly.