Vlog: “Big Frank” Talking Monster Pal!

Hey: The Creepy Commercials Countdown has been updated with Slimer and a three-eyed ghost.

Today’s vlog is about Big Frank, “the talking monster pal kids love to fix!” Made by Playskool in 1992, Big Frank dresses like an inmate and has a bunch of tools hidden in his head.

The video is barely coherent. I wonder why?

The big mystery: What could’ve compelled Playskool to make Big Frank? It’s not like Frankenstein’s Monster was the in-thing back in the early ‘90s. Don’t take that as a complaint, as I think we’re all very fortunate that a Frankenstein doll with a screwdriver in its head exists.

As you’ll see in the absolutely pro video, Frank’s chest opens to reveal all sorts of turning gears and switches. His eyes blink and he can say a few phrases, but there isn’t much more to him than that. Kinda weird that they’d go through the trouble of making him electronic but not do more with the opportunity. If nothing else, at least it kept his retail price reasonable.

At least, I’m guessing it did. I have no idea what Big Frank cost back in 1992. I am not omniscient. I can’t even pronounce it.

I can’t get over the tools-in-the-head thing. That’s great. More doll heads should double as secret compartments. If there’s any movement worth spearheading, this is it. If you have gusto and drive and a never-say-die attitude, please, do all you can to turn this head-compartment thing into a trend.

Like I say in the video, Big Frank looks like someone. I can’t pinpoint it, but he definitely looks like someone. I want to say Diff’rent Strokes-era Gary Coleman, but I’m not 100% on that. If you have any ideas, please let me know. I will not know sleep again until we get a Big Frank/Someone Else match.