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Candy Corn Oreo Cookies!

Unless you spent all of Friday completely Internet-free, you’ve heard the news. The kings and queens of Nabisco must be dancing, because the entire world has become positively drunk with glee over their latest offering:

Candy. Corn. Oreos.

Like I wasn’t going to hunt these down the second I heard about them. Still, it figures that I’d hear about them while dressed as a three-headed alien, wearing blue makeup. Even so, it just took a shower and a trip to Target to turn September 7th, 2012 into a day I will never forget. If this sounds like too much of a fuss for cookies, you’re reading the wrong website.

CANDY. CORN. OREOS. Usually, all Nabisco gives us for Halloween are those black Oreos with the orange filling. They’re fun, but dammit, I’ve been writing about them for ten years already. I needed something new.

I’m obviously the type to hum church songs over Halloween cookies, but not everyone is, and I’ve been shocked by the Internet’s united excitement about these Oreos. Seriously, everybody is talking about them. Everyone has an opinion about Candy Corn Oreo cookies. Obama could call a live press conference and spend it morphing into a giant airbreathing coelacanth, and Candy Corn Oreos would still trend ahead of it.

I can’t remember a time when I was more proud to be a citizen of Earth. Read More…

Vlog: The Cloneheads Alien Costume Kit!

Imagine a costume that gave you two extra heads, gold skin and a bib with the planet Saturn on it, for one low price. It sounds impossible, but in 1983, it happened.

Distributed by Spearhead Industries, the Cloneheads collection was a series of inflatable Halloween costumes that, among other things, gave you two more heads. Spearhead wasn’t the first to do this gimmick, and they were far from the last, but their Cloneheads series mixed a great vintage feel with such a generic charm that, at least for today, it’s my favorite thing in the whole wide world.

Tomorrow, it’ll probably be those Candy Corn Oreos. Yeah, I heard.

A demonstration:

My “Alien” set is pretty rocking, what with its extraterrestrial robot heads and Saturn smock. Still, when I look back at the other Cloneheads sets, I can’t say that it would’ve been my top pick. Read More…

The ORIGINAL Halloween Countdown, from 2003.

Dinosaur Dracula’s 1st Halloween Countdown is more of a reset, of course, since I’ve been doing this thing for ten goddamned years.

The first Halloween Countdown, back on X-Entertainment, started on September 18th, 2003. The 40 or so articles within it were often rushed, often crude and often designed with really irritating backgrounds, but I still love it. Doing that year’s Countdown is what transformed me from a guy who liked Halloween to a guy who can’t imagine a year without it.

It was a much different Internet in 2003, and certainly, my place in it was worlds apart from wherever my place is now. X-E was still a big site, and making websites was still all I did. I was a year away from starting at Nickelodeon, living the dream of eternal goofs everywhere by being paid to be an eternal goof. I wasn’t making boatloads of money, but at the time, I didn’t need boatloads.

The site’s early success allowed me to stay an idiot kid for a few years longer than people should stay idiot kids, and even if I’m immensely thankful to have grown up in my own weird ways, I can’t say that I’m not a little bit jealous of me-in-2003. Read More…