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Tiny Tributes to Minor Monsters, #4!

Get set for the fourth edition of Tiny Tributes to Minor Monsters, featuring everything from a zombie wrestler to the Godzilla version of Satan. Everything you need, really.

The Fake Undertaker!
WWF SummerSlam (1994)

I never love pro-wrestling more than when it’s at its most preposterous, and on that front, this was a tough act to follow. The main event of WWE’s SummerSlam ‘94 pay-per-view was the Undertaker versus… the Undertaker.

No, really! After a long hiatus, fans discovered that their beloved Undertaker had been bought off by the evil Ted DiBiase. As the Undertaker had by then spent over two years as a hero, it was hard to believe that he’d throw so much goodwill away for a fistful of hundreds.

As it turned out, he didn’t! At SummerSlam ‘94, the real Undertaker returned for a match against his imitator. Total Boba Fett / Jodo Kast situation. The “UnderFaker” lost the battle and the war, never returning to WWE after his defeat.

While it’s true that fans obsess over WWE canon way more than the company itself does, nobody can scratch this from the record books. You could not write a complete list of past-and-present WWE superstars without listing the Undertaker twice, and that is the best.

PS: The phony Undertaker was portrayed by Brian Lee, who’d later wrestle as Chainz, a sort of stock “biker” character. Read More…

Purple Stuff: 10 Great Green Things!

Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and me and Jay thought we’d celebrate the occasion in the best way possible: With a tangentially-related podcast!

In the brand new episode of The Purple Stuff Podcast, we’re naming 10 great GREEN things. Yes, GREEN things. That was the only rule. Our picks range from Ninja Turtles Pies to weird old wrestlers to, uh, pea soup. ALL FOR YOU, SAINT PAT.

If you like things like kryptonite or Uncle O’Grimacey, this is THE SHOW for you.

Download this week’s episode by clicking here!

Thanks as always for listening, and for spreading the word. We’re aiming to get the show back on a set schedule starting in April. (Next one on deck is our annual WrestleMania special!)

For maximum effect, listen to this while drinking a Shamrock Shake.

We missed a lot of great GREEN things in this episode. Name a few of your favorites, in the comments!

Dino Drac’s March Funpack is here!

If rummaging through old stuff while eating salty chips is your idea of a good time, I have something for YOU!


Dino Drac’s March 2018 Funpack is now available, but it will only be around for a couple of days!

Usual spiel: Funpack subscriptions are $25 a month (including shipping), and for as long as you remain subscribed, you’ll get a new box filled with old junk every single month! You can cancel at any time without penalty, of course!

There wouldn’t be a Dino Drac without your subscriptions, so on top of getting a bunch of fun things, you’re also helping to keep the site going!

Scroll to the bottom for more info, or keep reading to see everything you’ll get in the March box! Read More…

Five Retro TV Commercials, Part 24!

In this edition of Five Retro TV Commercials, you’ll see everything from old ghosts to old cereal to old cheese. I know how to build excitement.

Real Ghostbusters Toys! (1986)

Here’s an early Real Ghostbusters toy commercial — possibly the first, but at least one of the first. Kenner came out swinging with this line, combining some of the best-ever action figures with some of the best-ever toy commercials.

That isn’t the nostalgia talking, either. Real Ghostbusters figures struck an impossible balance of simplicity and complexity, advanced enough even by today’s standards, but with an almost “green army man” sort of charm.

And the commercials? So good! Even this one, which lacked the awesome scale model sets seen in later RGB ads, just made the toys look like so much fun. (Course, when it comes to TV commercials featuring cans of Ecto-Plazm and the Stay Puft action figure, I’m the easiest sell on the fucking planet.) Read More…

Five Retro TV Commercials, Part 23!

By the time you watch the old commercials I upload, they’re just old commercials, no different from the millions of others on YouTube.

What you miss is the curation. Most of the ads I’ve put up were rescued from dusty VHS tapes, long ignored by their prior owners. Some of those tapes spent literal decades in strangers’ garages, edging so close to oblivion that it was a miracle they still played. (On that note, I’ve lost several VCRs to tape mold.)

Some of the ads were found at the ass-ends of otherwise fruitless six-hour tapes. Even with loaded tapes, I rarely know what’s going to be on them until I start scanning. It’s time-eating grunt work, but rescuing old TV commercials feels weirdly meaningful.

I know that this series of articles runs the risk of seeming like filler, but behind every commercial is a tiny adventure.

On that note: Off we go with Five Retro TV Commercials, Part 23!

Cherry Cola Slice! (1986)

Cherry Coke debuted in 1985 and immediately became a “fad food,” as popular for its hip newness as its taste. (Watch enough sitcoms reruns from the mid ‘80s, and you’re sure to spot cool teenagers ordering Cherry Cokes in diners and dives.)

Pepsi wanted to compete, naturally, but there wouldn’t be an official cherry Pepsi flavor until 1988. Instead, the sword fell to Slice — a soda brand owned by Pepsi yet otherwise distinct from it.

Cherry Cola Slice arrived in 1986, complete with an anti-Coke ad campaign. While I can’t remember trying it myself, that sure wasn’t on purpose. I loved Slice as a kid, and a cherry cola version that used real actual cherry juice was doubtlessly the best thing on the market. I want one so bad. Read More…