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Dino Drac’s April Funpack is here!

Okay guys, I’m ready to show ya the April Funpack, and good news: If you’ve been on the line waiting to subscribe, I finally have some slots open!


This month’s Funpack is MUCH different from the norm. But in a good way, I think. Instead of the usual box of goodies, this month you’ll be receiving a Priority Mail envelope stuffed with FOUR vintage Starlog magazines, plus a few other tricks and treats!

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The Purple Stuff Podcast goes to THE MALL!

The Purple Stuff Podcast is back, and we’re ready to drop a show that’s been on our to-do list for years. Folks, it’s time to go to THE MALL!

…but not just ANY mall. We’re visiting a special magical mall that grants us access to ANY store from ANY mall from ANY point in time. Oh, the memories!

Join us as we visit Kay-Bee Toys, Waldenbooks, Sam Goody, Spencer Gifts and more. We even drop by the food court! Me and Jay from Sludge Central had an absolute blast reminiscing about our favorite mall stores, and we know this episode’s gonna spark a lot of memories for you guys, too!

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As a reminder, we’re also on Patreon, where you can grab an exclusive bonus show each and every month. (This month, we pored over eBay to find the best and weirdest Ninja Turtles items on the auction block.)

Thanks so much for listening, for giving us solid reviews, and for sharing the show around! Enjoy!

Dino Drac’s March Funpack is here!

Wellp, time to unleash Dino Drac’s March Funpack!

Subscriptions are currently closed, but I do have a small amount that I can sell on an individual basis. Scroll to the bottom if you’re interested — but be warned, they will probably go quick!

If you’re already locked in for this month’s Funpack, I think you’re gonna be pleased! In addition to the usual suspects like sweet candy and old trading cards, this one includes one of the all-time best items from *any* Funpack ever.

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Five Retro TV Commercials, Part 39!

In this edition of Five Retro TV Commercials, you’ll see everything from Simpsons dolls to candy bars to exactly eight seconds’ worth of a vampire cinephile. Just another Tuesday on Dino Drac.

The Tortellis on NBC! (1987)

Count me among the eight people who actually watched The Tortellis, the much lesser-known of the two Cheers spin-offs. While Frasier hung around for 11 seasons, The Tortellis lasted for just five months.

No longer limited to Carla-related subplots, this was a whole show about Nick and Loretta Tortelli, now living in Las Vegas. I remember little about the stories, but I do recall the Tortelli abode looking like a weird amalgam of every sitcom set ever. It was like the Brady house mixed with Blanche’s living room mixed with the apartment from The Jeffersons. I loved that place.

The Tortellis could not have been a show that I deliberately sought out. As I recall, it spent most of its short run airing right after Night Court, which I did watch. I guess I was just basking in so much Rich Moll tomfoolery that I couldn’t be arsed to change the channel? Read More…