BFCDAW #11: Good looking cookies.

Today is busy. I’m only BCFDAW’ing because I need to push that eel sushi off of the main page as soon as possible.

There. Much better. A palatable set of Christmas cookies, purchased for WAY TOO MUCH MONEY from one of those design-your-own-salad places. ($9 for two cookies, and no, I wouldn’t have bought them had I learned that sooner. By the time I found out, I had a line of twenty angry salad people behind me. To ditch the cookies at that point would have set off a trail of sighs that even now, two hours later, would still rage on.

I’m especially fond of the Christmas tree cookie. It has icing garland in the shape of the imaginary word “lelele.” The details were all but lost to the one-two punch of my shitty Android camera and iPhoto’s irresistible filters, but in person, this cookie is a jolly jolt to every sense.

If judging by comparison, Santa is pretty boring. At least until you notice the fangs hiding in his beard – as if this Santa is really a monster, waiting for the right moment to out himself and eat a foot.

We decided to turn these cookies into office Christmas decorations. They’re now standing partially upright, using a couple of DVD spindles for balance.

Yeah, I’m too busy to make this funny. Pretend there are jokes.

EDIT: Forgot to plug this video, made by two of my favorite Internet people, foretelling tremendous holiday hijinx that everyone should pay attention to. Good luck, Billy and Brian! Both of your names start with a B.

16 Responses to BFCDAW #11: Good looking cookies.

  1. The subtle glow from your fancy keyboard adds Christmas-ey something.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Man, that was a good one.

  3. Santa fangs had me laughing before this meeting. Maybe I should break the ice by discussing either Santa monster or NYC cookie inflation?

  4. Are you kidding, Santa fangs and glowing keyboards! Now THAT is the Christmas Spirit!! My keyboard glows too… aww the connection.

    I’m honestly going to smile all day thinking of your cookie situation. I had a similar experience with tamales in Hawaii. I found out there was store that carried Brazilian imports so I went to check it out. They’re sorta this little catch-all Latin culture store and they sell fresh tamales twice a week. The owners were super nice so I came back that Saturday to pick some up. They sold them by the half dozen and they didn’t list prices. So up I walk to pay and greet the nice dude I saw earlier in the week and he rings me up… I almost died… $14 for six tamales and I had twelve… I panicked and just couldn’t put them back. The guilt card had already been played… damn.

  5. Wow that video has Steel Train audio behind it! Well…Tegan and Sara covering Steel Train.

    RIP Steel Train….

  6. @FangsFirst good ears!

    @Matt I’m with you and that tree cookie is heart warming inc. the adorable little star atop the tree I’d certainly eat first. Although the more I stare at Santa I’m sort of digging on him, too. He’s got what I could only describe as anime squinty smiley eyes which is a mouthful and happily so. Thanks, bud!

  7. Matt, I’ve emailed you at three different email addys I have about wanting to advertise on your site but haven’t received a response, so I am trying my luck in reaching you, here.
    I am interested in giving you money. please contact me if this is an option.

  8. Hi Shane, sorry if I missed your e-mail, can you try again? For a while the contact form was screwy.

  9. Those are some nice cookies, especially that cute tree. They’re much nicer than the similar cookies sold at the grocery store where I work. Perhaps you could even hang them up somewhere? It’s an old custom in several countries to hang cookies on the tree.

  10. 9 bucks for those cookies…well at least they’re nice to look at. Maybe you could spray them with a sealer and make tree ornaments out of them.

    @Bill and Brian: I’ll be sure to tune into your sites to check out your holiday fun stuff. :)

  11. I’m with JohnV and starwenn, shellac those bad boys and keep them forever. I would be so disappointed to bite into one of those cookies and not have $9 worth of delicious.

  12. These types of cookies are cute to look at but I never buy them because I can’t bring myself to eat them. They’re too cute.

  13. For nine damn dollars, those better be the best damn cookies ever made. If you found some way to preserve them and make decorations out of them, however, then that’s nine dollars well spent.

  14. Fuck, you should not need to take out a loan to buy cookies.

  15. Isn’t “Le-le-le-le-le-le-le!” what Zina Warrior Princess shouted as she charged into the fray? I have to admit that I never watched the show, but I seem to remember that battle cry.

  16. Or was that Xena?

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