Dino Drac’s Advent Calendar: 12/12/12.

Let’s get something straight. This isn’t just some random patch of grass covered in weeds and flowers.

It’s a miniature golf course.

Granted, it’s a miniature golf course with only one hole, and it comes with no clubs or balls. So what? It’s only December 12th. There are still plenty of days left to complete the set.

“You’re fudging.”

What? I’m what?

“You’re fudging. I’m not an idiot. This has nothing to do with golf. It’s just plants.”

Dino Drac thinks he caught me in a lie. In my view, that would be more of a “fib” than a “fudge.”

I ask him to explain the hole, then.

“My feet have holes! They mean nothing! These are just plants!”

Dino Drac is just moaning because this gift isn’t as cool as yesterday’s raptor. He’ll come around. And if he doesn’t? Who cares, I’m on my way to see Burt Reynolds.

Okay, I’m not. Actually, I’m on my way to sit in bed with an entire bag of frozen raspberries. I will lay there and eat them and stare at the clock, all the while wondering if frozen raspberries are worth getting five hours of sleep instead of six.

(They so are.)