Cadbury Screme Eggs!

If my hunts so far have been any indication, we’re in for one hell of a season on the Halloween candy front.

So many new goodies for 2012! I’m actually frightened by how many I’ve located so far. I mean, it’s only September 4th. As much as I love giving Halloween two full months to be awesome, I want October to have its glories, too.

On the other hand, I was ecstatic to find Cadbury Eggs with creepy green filling on one of my first outings. As hard as it is to imagine, I just hope one of the later entrants somehow manages to top this.

Full disclosure: They’re not really new. They were widely available in the UK last year, and may have even had limited runs in the US, too. Today, we’re playing pretend.

Cadbury Screme Eggs! You can just imagine my delight upon spotting that cardboard display. Between the slimy filling, the witch-hatted rabbit and the logo that looks like a cracked spoiled egg, my eyes darted rapidly and independently of one another, as if I’d become a giant mutant anole.

This is hot stuff. A quick search of X-E shows that I’ve been lamenting the lack of Halloween Cadbury Eggs for years. It’s just such an obvious and obviously cool spin. Whether you consider them new, newish or not new at all, they’re new to me, and I couldn’t be happier to kick off the 2012 season with fondant that looks like demon snot.

The foil wrappers are terrific, and at least in color scheme, somewhat reminiscent of Mountain Dew Pitch Black. This triples their stock, easily. You don’t have to enjoy eating Cadbury Eggs to want Screme Eggs. They’re some of the best Halloween decorations available, not to mention one of the cheapest.

When you get to the candy, it doesn’t seem at all dissimilar from a normal Cadbury Egg. Same shape, same concentric rings, same weird star/snowflake thing. If this was all Cadbury had in store, we’d have every reason to burn down their headquarters.

Nothing is worse than a “Halloween exclusive” that limits the redressing to packaging alone. Fortunately, Cadbury knew this. That’s why we got the got the demon snot.

Granted, it’s not as “slime green” as the cardboard bunny display would have us believe, but it’s still pretty green, and it’s still pretty boom shakalaka. The flavor of the gooey fondant remains unchanged from Cadbury’s usual formula, so even if it looks disgusting, it still tastes like the perennial star of any Easter basket worth saying “thank you” for.

Cadbury, I salute you. I’ve always saluted you, but this time, I’m actually standing up. I usually just sit on my ass and put the two fingers to my brow, but not this time. Only the passing march of several wounded soldiers could conjure such a display from me. You deserve this and more, because you took a Cadbury Egg and you filled it with an unborn frog. I love you.

I plan to leave Freddy like that until November. Is the doll doomed to have sticky goo seep down its arm, forever ruining the hand knit sweater? Time will tell. Time tells all.

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  1. Where did you get these at?

  2. I’ve seen them at a few places, but these came from Party City.

  3. OMG My life has a new purpose. I MUST FIND THESE.

  4. ick.

  5. Wow, that’s pretty awesome, actually. I’ll have to see if I can’t hunt a few down.

  6. When I saw these at Jo-Ann Fabrics, I knew a) Halloween was gonna rule this year and b) Matt was going to go apeshit for them. I’m so glad I was right on both counts.

  7. Although you did mention that they were available Europe ways for a while, I can’t help but feel the need to rub it in that I had a whole host of these last year during my Halloween season. Even had the nail polish to match…

  8. I saw them at A.C. Moore (craft store) while shopping with my wife. Needless to say, she didn’t share my enthusiasm for these little beauties. They are awesome!

  9. Matt, I thought of you the second I found these. I also stopped dead in my tracks and almost fell over, so I’m sure that amused some onlookers.

    Now let’s hope for Cadbury Christmas ornaments to come true.

  10. I love me some Cadbury Creme Eggs and now I don’t have to wait until Easter to gorge myself on them :) I’ll have to check Target or CVS for these green gooey filled beauties.

  11. I’ve been seeing these at a nearby Rite-Aid for a couple of weeks now.

    Is it me, or are they even smaller then the regular Cadbury eggs?

  12. StuntZombie, I haven’t seen them yet (and oh how I will be looking for them) but I remember us discussing that even at Easter, the eggs are most definitely smaller than they used to be.

  13. I saw these at the supermarket last night, and got a bit too excited. They must have sailed right by me back in the UK, to my shame.

    As a side note: ‘Cadburys’ was the first word I ever said in this world. Such was my need to express a deeply felt brand-preference, it came before anything else.

  14. My search for these will begin the second I get off work. Matt, you always usher in my Halloween season and this year is off to an awesome slimy start.

  15. When I saw these at a corner store a while back, I knew they’d be on DinoDrac eventually! There’s also a mini variety that comes in bags for giving to Trick or Treaters. ..or yourself. ;)

  16. Oh. God. Yes. These represent everything that is right with the world. Fuck me. I’m stocking up and hiding them in my secret hiding spot — the bedside drawer where I keep my adult novelties.

  17. velouria_78: Did you go all weekend? I hope you enjoyed yourself!

    Gonna post this again, since the last thread was already two pages long. Anyone who wishes to see the pictures I took at Dragon*Con over the weekend can click my name.

  18. These look tasty,

  19. So glad these have XE- ahem- Dino Drac coverage at last!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

    I wen’t bananas when I saw them in the shops a couple of years ago; now you guy’s in the States have EVERYTHING!!!

  20. Just tossing this out there, but the display seems awesome enough to have, then fill with leftover Halloweeen candy. I bet you could snag it once it’s contents are gone.

  21. I saw these the other day (and got some, of course) and IMMEDIATELY knew they would end up on Dinodrac.

  22. These are conceptually cool, but I won’t buy a Cadbury Egg until they come out with a white chocolate-shelled variety.

  23. Finally!

  24. Matt, two photo critiques from a photo geek and former Ritz Camera slave monkey.
    1. Nice use burlap. It’s very harvesty.
    2. A green vignette make all photos much more Halloweeny.


  25. I don’t even like Creme Eggs. I’m just excited cuz you guys are excited.

  26. I was at Target during lunch and saw the display in the Halloween section – .79 a piece.

  27. Just back from CVS and Food Emporium. No luck here in NYC yet. I had to run out and look right away because Cadbury Creme Eggs are the greatest thing ever invented in the history of time, only to be surpassed by Cadbury SCREME Eggs. The search continues…

  28. Cheetara, I was just going to do Saturday, but I stood in line so long to get my pass (3 hungover hours) I decided it was worth committing to Sat/Sun. And I did have a great time! I went to the Venture Brothers panel, but not the party that you mentioned. We were a couple of floors above the little bar where it was, so we just costume gawked from above. I probably saw you! (nice Adventure Time costume btw)

  29. picture me jumping up and down and waving my arms. I have already bought one Halloween themed item so far, those will be my second.

  30. Halloween Easter Decorations! My mind is currently spinning with emotion!

  31. There was a time when I could easily eat two Cadbury Creme Eggs at one blissful sitting. Everyone I knew proclaimed them nastily sweet, but I didn’t care. Honestly I’d have to stop myself at two. I have a bottomless capacity for these gnarly things. Those days are behind me now, sadly. Even one egg would spell instant death for me today.

    Nonetheless it makes me a little sad to see them sold for an opposing season. I’m not usually a purist about this stuff but the idea of eating a Cadbury Egg in October, if it didn’t come out of my freezer, makes me feel a little maudlin.

    I’m maudlin, now. THANKS, DD MATT.

  32. OMFG I have to go look for these asap!!!!!

  33. We’ve had them at Hy-Vee for the past month or so. Also got my yearly supply of Ghost and Blood Orange Dots.

    You know, if we knew the recipe for the Cadbury Creme, we could put it inside a pastry and make a version of those old TMNT pies.

  34. velouria_78: The “Let’s All Smoking” thing cracked me and my friends up so much that we dubbed Dragon*Con “Let’s All Drinking.” XD I also attended the Lord of the Rings Celebrity Guests, Adventure Time, and Star Trek: Next Gen panels.

  35. I’m surprised it took so long for Cadbury to extend these treats to other holidays. (Though I am not certain there have not been others) I too, used to be able to eat these like…candy. But anymore, even one bite makes me want to drink a full cup of coffee and brush my teeth.

  36. Cadbury Eggs = Near instant diabetes. Count me in as one who feels ill after one of these things. Still sheer decorative potential makes me feel like I should get some.

  37. Now all they need to do is make white chocolate eggs with red, white & blue center The 4th of July and “nog”flavor centers for Christmas;year round Cadbury eggs! On a similar note, a few years ago I saw Mike & Ike”Autumn colors” edition candy in Rite Aid.Didn’t buy ‘em,never saw ‘em question is: arent Mike & Ikes already “autumn colors”?I guess they just left the green ones out.

  38. You’ve found the perfect candy!
    What would this bunny say? Ooooooo <– Ghostly wail

  39. I’m definitely seeking these out!

  40. Wow, Scream Eggs, that makes so much perfect sense. And even though I thought it odd you can get the Cadbury Mini Eggs year-round now, thus making them less special at Easter, the Scream Eggs I will allow, because they are special.
    I have to say part of me thought maybe they’d taste like mint, and while I’d enjoy a min flavouring, I acknowledge that the average kid or even adult would prefer the normal taste of a Creme Egg.

    I’m glad to see it looks like the runny kind of filling. I read somewhere that the recipe had been changes a few years ago and the stiffer interior was now the norm, which didn’t make sense, given a real egg is runny inside. You know, runny isn’t a great word. Maybe I should say “flowing” instead.

  41. I too have no desire to eat a full Creme Egg like I did when I was a kid, but if they made these Scream ones as the smaller bite-sized version that comes in a bag, I’d go for a couple.

  42. They’re new to me, and even though I gots the ‘beetus, I’ve been lucky enough to have a slightly-heavier-than-moderate reign on the sweet stuff. If I find Screme Eggs ’round these parts, I’ll eat an extra one for the righteous Rev 13.

  43. Looks like Christmas came early for me. Wrong holiday, I know, but I think this sums up my reaction to this candy.

  44. hey i was wondering if you guys could help me with something i was going to try to make ecto cool but i cant find kool-aid tangerine anywhere dose any one know where i can find some

  45. “Junior TE Freddy Krueger makes one handed grab in fourth quarter to send the Elm Trees to State Finals.”

  46. On one hand, yuck. Cadbury Creme Eggs are waaaayyy too sweet for my palate. I won’t be buying these.

    On the other hand, cool, they finally branched out to other holidays. I haven’t seen them in South Jersey yet, but while they’re not my cup of sweetened iced tea, they ARE a nifty idea.

  47. If I recall correctly, Matt has never been a huge fan of Easter… something to with all the pastels? Yet, who doesn’t love Cadburry Cream eggs? Now he has both. I’d prefer just seeing these delicious morsels in April, yet I have to admit, they were defiantly done right this season.

    On that note, who’s doing the Jukebox this year?

  48. sorry about the double post, just found the JUKEBOX :D

  49. I didn’t think it could get better, and then you sealed it with the phrase “unborn frog.” Kudos.

  50. I saw these for the first time tonight at Walmart. I love Cadbury Eggs. One of the few things I enjoy about Easter. Making a Halloween edition of them is a no brainer, really. I’m getting into the Halloween spirit but I’m trying to hold off on buying candy until October starts so these will have to wait (although I saw some of the Reese’s Pumpkins and couldn’t resist).

  51. Really like what you have done with the place!!……..As someone who loves Cadbury creme eggs this is def exciting news!

  52. These look AMAZING, but let’s be honest – the best part of Cadbury eggs are the commercials. Show me a creepified take on the classic bunny commercial and you will have forever won my heart, dearest Cadbury Bunny!

  53. Heck, I haven’t seen ‘em, so they’re new to me!

    I love Cadbury Cream Eggs, so I’m totally going to see if I can track these down. Thoughts of draining the putrid green “yolk” out of these are so much cooler then simply eating an “egg” like we do every Easter.

  54. I was able to partake of a Screme Egg this evening and it was quite tasty …

    I must say I am torn, though. It almost takes away from their exclusivity and makes Easter less special. When the Cadbury Eggs become perpetually available (much like Peeps have) it makes me less excited about Easter.

  55. I love Cadbury Creme Eggs! I still have a dozen of the mini variety(mini creme eggs that is), from Easter 2011. I’ve kept them in the freezer since I bought them, and I hope they’re still good(they should be, right?). But these are new to me, and I must find them. I don’t care that they taste the same, the flavor is the main reason I like them. And the bunny with the witch hat is too friggin’ adorable!

  56. Oh man, another season to get those delicious containers of goo! And there’s no season for candy like Halloween.

    Funnily enough, there’s a store here that sells pastel candy corn during the Easter season, so not only is there Easter candy being sold during Halloween there’s Halloween candy being sold during Easter. I wonder if there’ll be more Easterween candy crossovers to come?

  57. I was at a Target today and I saw these there. They are tiny.

  58. Hey Matt, how is Freddy’s arm doing?

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