Epoch’s “Dracula” Game, from 1982!

I wrote about this many years ago. Now I will rehash my thoughts in video form!

Epoch’s DRACULA game was released in 1982. Even if its graphics and noises are way dated, the theme hasn’t lost a step. There are monsters, mazes and coffins, and it’s up to YOU to steal Dracula’s gold!

Get the full scoop in today’s vid:

A hint of Halloween?

  • Modok

    Wow, not only did I have that game as a kid, I was just trying to find it online the other day! I couldn’t remember the name of it (I just knew it involved vampires), so my searching wasn’t very fruitful. And sure enough, a few days later Matt posts a video of that exact game!!

    Also, I bought Avengers vs. Thanos a couple of weeks ago and already read it. Jim Starlin is my crack. I hope you enjoy it, too!

  • Matt

    @Annette: Seriously. I usually keep a 9/1 start-date for Hallo but this year, I dunno. It may have to be late August.

    @Madman Marz: I’ll admit that Bram Stoker’s Dracula in 1991 frightened me a bit, because I was at just the right age to find it ridiculously intense. Not that it still isn’t, anyway. Now that you mention it, I’m surprised to say that mummies haunted me worst of all the classic monsters.

    @Modok: I started reading it earlier and I’m already blown away. Mentor and Eros were originally purple?!

  • Whalley Range

    @Max: CHILD WORLD! Yes, someone else knows of its brilliance. As a kid, that was Shangri La to me — in southern New Hampshire with no Toys R Us to be found. And even when TRU appeared on the scene, and killed Child World, I found it lacking in terms of the variety of toys. Child World had it all!

  • Matt

    @Max and Whalley Range: Lionel Kiddie City was THE SHIT. If Child World was anything like it, it was also THE SHIT.

    I will never forget my all too brief love affair with the one Kiddie City I’ve ever known. Time held no meaning in that store, and the stuff in the clearance section was often 10-12 years old. And DIRT CHEAP. Before I understood “collecting” as a concept, that store ushered me in.

  • http://derdave.tumblr.com/ DerDavenWarrior

    Please Matt wait on the Halloween stuff. The earlier you start means the less material you are going to have in late Oct. And starting Halloween in august just feels wrong.

  • Matt

    @DerDavenWarrior: If I started in Aug, it’d be verrrrry late August. As in only a few days from September. But I’ll still probably wait just because it feels right to. If I get the bug, I can always pre-write some of the HC entries.

    I just wish the season was a bit longer. Last year, it all flew by so quickly.

  • Dave Beckner

    Lionel was also Lionel Kiddie City though, right? with the kangaroo. That’s what we had in my town. It’s a grocery store now.

  • Matt

    That’s the one, Dave!

  • http://www.megatoothpastemammals.com Carpeteria

    I, for one, cannot wait until it is Halloween year-round, and I welcome every opportunity to bring us closer to that potential utopian society.

  • http://music2bthankful4.wordpress.com Vee Langs

    i want a Kool Aid singles display piece like that.

    tell me where to buy one immediately

  • http://stuntzombies.blogspot.com Stunt Zombie

    We had a Child’s World in Va Beach, but it was under the Children’s Palace brand. Maybe it’s nostalgia, but I remember the place being so much better than Toys R Us.The action figure aisles alone seemed to stretch out for 100 ft. It’s a shame that I only ever had about 10 minutes to check things out, I could have spent hours just in one aisle back then. Hell, I could spend hours in there right now.

  • Turrel

    That’s not Dracula. That’s middle-aged Johnny Cash in a cape.

  • Whalley Range

    I’d forgotten about Children’s Palace. Shortly before my local Child World went under, they revamped the front of it to look like a castle and changed the name to “Children’s Palace.” It was the beginning of the end. If you’re a former devotee of Child World, and you’ve had a few beers (it’s NEVER too early…), watch these:


    Just look at that selection of games, stretching on into infinity. And the bikes! And here’s one featuring Snagglepuss(?) as the voice of Peter Panda:


  • http://www.zenestex.com Bobby

    Dammit! Dracula just got me! (Circle Game)

  • kingklash

    I loves me some giant bunny.

  • Bob K

    I had a Kiddie City around me too when I was younger in Springfield PA which turned into a Toys R Us but is now a PetSmart. Kiddie Cities were great stores. I loved them when I was little.

  • http://www.reviewtheworld.com/ Brian (Review the World)

    We had a Children’s Palace too. Only remember a few visits but it was AMAZING. First place I saw actual game footage of the Sega Genesis. Their display of it behind a glass case with Altered Beast on demo mode had my brother and I flipping out. If I had a time machine honestly one of my very first stops would be to explore the aisles of the Children’s Palace in Colerain (near Cincy) Ohio.

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  • http://spillcounty.podbean.com @spillcounty

    That Dracula looks like a Republican

  • http://thehomeworld.net/ countz3r0

    I had (have?) a Epoch Space Invaders game. I think it’s still buried at my parent’s house. I loved that thing, and last I checked, it still works. Awesome review.


  • Asa


  • JaiGuru

    I guess I’m just weird but I always wonder about these people who dress up and pose for toy mascots. I wonder who this “dracula” guy was and what he does when he’s not donning a cowl.

  • JAyshford

    Thanks Matt!
    Poor Leviathan, you harshed on the rabbit’s mellow!

  • technoborg

    the dracula guy looks like Joe pesci

  • http://www.facebook.com/therealteddyray Teddy Ray

    At first glance, the guy on the box reminded me of Unknown Hinson. The more I looked, though, I realized he looks more like either a really creepy middle-aged guy hitting on young women in a bar…or a pedophile with a van. Or both.

  • Widgetcraft

    This actually doesn’t use an LCD screen, rather it uses a VFD screen (hence being in color). VFD screens were awesome! In the early 80′s they provided portable games with color graphics, often with gameplay that far exceeded what Tiger Electronics put out in the 90′s in black-and-white. They eventually fell out of style, with the most famous examples being the table top arcade games like Pac-man and Donkey Kong.