Freddy Krueger Popcorn Recipe!

I just published an enormous feature, listing ten reasons for you to watch A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. Even though 90% of you have seen it a thousand times. Oh well. Maybe the feature will inspire you to make it a thousand and one?

If it does, it’s important to do it right. You gotta set the mood, dude. Wait until it’s dark, dim the lights, and find some candles. If the candles smell like autumn, that’s even better.

You’re also going to need popcorn. If you’re looking to give the experience an extra spark, here’s how to make popcorn that looks like Freddy Krueger.

His clothes, at least.

Now, this lesson comes with the admission that I did it the hard way. The Super Super Hard Way, actually. If you can find red and green popcorn, I guess that’s all you really need.

But let’s assume that you can’t find it. Let’s also assume that you’re willing to spend more than ten bucks for gross popcorn that looks a tiny bit like Freddy’s sweater. If I may borrow a phrase from the incomparable Montell Jordan, this is how we do it:

First, make a big batch of popcorn. Duh. I’m going to suggest that you stay away from microwave popcorn bags and cook it on the stove, because this is, after all, the Super Super Hard Way. Salt it, butter it. Get all the usual “popcorn stuff” out of the way.

Then, we get funky. You’re going to need red and green cans of Wilton’s “Color Mist,” or some facsimile of them. These food coloring sprays are mainly intended for cupcakes and other dessert items, but I saw nothing on the warning label to dissuade me from bathing popcorn in hyper-compressed Easter egg dye.

The trick is to make sure you don’t end up with a bowl of Christmas popcorn. After giving it a red base coat, stripe it with the green mist. Then put more red OVER the green stripes, to take them out of that “Christmas tree zone” and make them look more like putrid excrement.

Hungry, yet?

The mists are allegedly flavorless, but I will admit to detecting some kind of chemical. The popcorn didn’t kill me, so take solace in knowing that if it can cause death, it won’t be rapid or surprising.

Your job: Pick a night to make alien popcorn and watch Dream Warriors.

There are people with worse jobs.

PS: You don’t really have to make the popcorn. It’s just something I needed to do.

  • Whalley Range

    If you let your eyes go out of focus, ala Magic Eye pictures, you can see Freddy in the first picture of the popcorn. You’re seeing him from below. The bowl is his hat. The popcorn is the texture of his face. And the red and green are reflecting from his sweater onto his sweaty, slimy countenance.

  • Matt

    Oh, that’s eerie. I absolutely see it.

  • The Real Mike

    Weird…I see it too! Freddy Lives!

  • Teddy Ray

    I applaud the effort you put into this, Matt, as well as the creativity it took to come up with this. That being said, I’m a bit disappointed. I was hoping that the popcorn would be…flavored somehow. And not by chemicals. Again, well done, but this is one project I’ll leave to those who are bigger Freddy fans than I am.

  • Matt

    Teddy, would it help to know that it’s salted?

  • FangsFirst

    Kinda looks like Freddy skin, too, if you glance at it…which is a bit more disturbing.

  • PrfktTear

    Completely and utterly pointless…

    My local groceries store sells gourmet popcorn they make right on site. One of my favorites is drizzled with chocolates and sprinkled with mini reese’s pieces. Its absolutely delicious!

    They also sell various flavored popcorns, such as carmel, and a variety of colors & flavors, i.e. red “strawberry”, green “lime”, etc, they sell a mixture and call it confetti. It kind of tastes like Fruity Pebbles!


  • Matt

    I would be more jealous if it wasn’t fruit-flavored. I can’t even do caramel popcorn.

  • Brian (Review the World)

    Yes! Great idea. NoES 3 was always my favorite and I’ll be heading over to indulge in that new feature piece momentarily. Anyone ever have Chicago Mix? It’s cheese corn and caramel corn mixed together. I think I like the idea of it more than the actual thing (although the actual thing’s awfully tasty). If you can get it from a place that pops fresh popcorn (there’s a great spot at one of the half-dozen malls near me) it’s better as I found it once at a grocery already bagged like that and wasn’t impressed. Maybe I need to make Freddy popcorn balls to pass out for Halloween!

  • Bill

    This past six hours here has been the stuff of legends. I am going to pop this movie in and read all of this right…!

  • Church

    Loved Dream Warriors as a kid but not necessarily because of any of the items listed in the article (although it was a great feature!). I loved the VHS box art! Click my name to check it out.

  • starwenn

    Nice idea, but I agree with Teddy Ray. I prefer my popcorn with a little salt and butter…and no horror icon colors. Could be fun for those who are into Freddy, though.

  • Steve

    I too thought it was supposed to be Feddy’s skin when I skimmed through the article before reading. Definitely cool either way! I think this gives me a justification for going out to pick up the Elm Street Blu Ray set now. Thanks!

    And yeah, being from Chicago I have experienced ‘Chicago Mix’ popcorn. But for me it’s the opposite- I like the taste of it more than the idea of it. Didn’t think I would like it before i tried it. It definitely needs to be popped fresh. Garret’s Popcorn does it the best. Their cheese popcorn is so ridiculously gooey and delicious.

  • Greg The Canuck

    Fun Idea Matt. I guess like everyone else, its time to dust off the DVD and have a rewatch this Easter weekend.

  • cai

    Well, now I’m not sure: I’ve never seen Elm Street 3 (or any other than the first for that matter) so should I read then watch or watch then read?

  • Scott

    I think that is a great idea, I love Dream warriors, My brother remebered that the other day and sent me the Dokken video with scenes from the movie in it.

  • Ray Gabriel

    Waiting on your Nightmare on Elm Street 4 “Human Souls” pizza recipe.

  • Seaemilyplay

    The “incomparable” Montell Jordan, eh? I love how random your music references are.

  • Stephen_od

    I am not a popcorn guy but ill be making this anyway. Nice!