Five Great Garth Things.

Garth Algar was the best part of Wayne’s World. If you disagree with this, we have a problem.

I saw the film on opening weekend back in ’92, in a theater packed with people who could not have loved it more. It was one of my all-time favorite moviegoer experiences. Everyone just had such a blast.

Dana Carvey played Garth, and this will be the only time I mention him. Carvey did such a great job that I’ve never been able to see Garth as anything but real. He’s not Dana Carvey in a wig and glasses. He’s just Garth. Secretly the coolest mofo on the planet.

Seeing the movie again a few nights back, all of those great Garth memories came rushing back. I wouldn’t say that I wanted to be Garth, but upon reviewing my favorite bits, it’s easy to see how much he inspired me. Garth was creative, marched to his own beat, and could find immense joy in absolutely nothing. It was played for laughs, but for me, it ran deeper. I actually looked up to Garth.

Here are my five favorite “Garth things.” It’s okay if you have a different list. There were a lot of great Garth things. But if your list doesn’t include the donut creatures somewhere, get bent.

#1: Garth’s Cocktail!
“Listen man! I’m not goin’ to jail for you, or anybody!”

At the bar where Benjamin makes his sneaky pitch to buy the show, Garth orders THE BEST DRINK I HAVE EVER SEEN. Look at that thing! Some kind of Blue Curacao cocktail served in a literal punchbowl!

I have a thing for goofy and gaudy Polynesian cocktails, and this one is the end all, be all. It’s garnished with everything from a pineapple stem to a goddamned fringy foil 4th of July decoration! BEST DRINK EVER.

Note how the punchbowl portion is completely separate from the (already huge) cocktail glass, each containing liquids that can never mix. As a kid, I took this as a production goof, but looking back, it was probably intentional. They wanted this to be the most ridiculous drink possible, and they succeeded.

I generally end my drinking nights happier when I stick to beer or wine, but Garth’s cocktail set off a never-ending fascination with neon colored fruit madness. When I’m at a bar that serves drinks presented even remotely like this, I have to order them. To date, I’ve not found one as hilariously overdone as Garth’s, but that just gives me an excuse to keep trying.

#2: Garth’s Electro-Zapper!
“Excuse me? I’d like to get by now.”

Coming into the film, I hadn’t seen enough of the SNL skits to really “get” Garth. I mean, I didn’t mind him, but I certainly didn’t realize that he was the real soul of the whole shebang.

Well, this is the scene that taught me the true Power of Garth. Oh sure, he had some good bits in the film prior to this, but that’s all they were. Good bits. THIS is where I really started to get Garth, and I doubt I’m alone.

After being tossed to the floor by an enormous metalhead at the Crucial Taunt show, Garth has one thing on his mind: Revenge! He strolls outside and finds his weapon: A battery-charged belt, rigged to turn a tuning fork into a stun gun.

Back inside, Garth wastes no time in brutalizing his tormentor, gaining the admiration of a dozen beauties who really love it when men zap other men with homemade assault weapons.

Garth was high on the list of fictitious crafty weirdos that inspired me to be the best crafty weirdo I could be. None of my own inventions ever worked or even made much sense, but I sure had fun building them. Garth is one of the select few characters I have to thank for that.

So thanks, Garth. Thanks for turning every battery and busted radio I found into a world of potential.

#3: Garth’s Robot Arm!
“We fear change.”

Remember the scene where Benjamin runs the idea of making changes to the show by Garth? You might not. It was hard to pay attention to the lines when Garth was building A ROBOT ARM in the middle of the conversation.

It’s a great bit. The animated hand may have been linked directly to Garth’s brain, because just as he realizes that Benjamin’s screwing around, it starts to wiggle and shake, as if it’s thinking about choking him. Garth responds by beating the hell out of it with a hammer, which also works nicely to end the conversation.

I need to go back and check, but was he building that robot arm for any particular reason? A Wayne’s World sketch or something? Hope not. It’s more fun to think that this was the kind of stuff Garth did on his breaks, just to unwind.

#4: Garth’s Donut Creatures!
“Hey Mr. Donut Head Man, who’s trying to kill you?”

I have too much mental history connected to Garth’s cocktail to call anything else my favorite “Garth thing,” but this one comes verrry close.

Late in the movie, Garth sits alone at Stan Mikita’s. Using crullers and jelly donuts, he creates a series of edible monsters, and they are adorable. Held together by toothpicks, the chief characters include some kind of cruller centipede, and of course, Mr. Donut Head Man.

Owing to all the stress he’s been under, Garth takes his frustrations out on Mr. Donut Head Man, stabbing him repeatedly while making Psycho noises. The bit only lasts for a moment before Wayne interrupts, but even from my first viewing, it made such an enormous impression on me.

It was just more proof that Garth was the coolest guy ever. Keep in mind, he didn’t give life to those donuts in a feeble attempt to impress anyone. Making donut creatures was just what came out when he was being himself. That’s so great.

#5: Garth’s Powers of Persuasion!
“If Benjamin were an ice cream flavor, he’d be pralines and dick.”

Garth persuades the evil Benjamin’s second-in-command, Russell, to join Team Good. You’ll remember this scene mostly for the “pralines and dick” line, but that’s not why I’m including it.

Russell was played by Kurt Fuller, who I’d guess we’d term as a “working actor.” He’s never been a major star, but he’s somehow appeared in so many things I love, from Ghostbusters II to Scary Movie.

In particular, he was the bad guy in No Holds Barred, that ridiculous Hulk Hogan “wrestling movie” from 1989. I saw No Holds Barred in theaters, and since I was ten at the time, I loved it.

There’s a weird phenomenon that’s hard to put into words, but I’ll try. When we’re kids, we see a lot of movies that are specifically targeted at us. That’s obvious. Less talked about is the odd loyalty we apply to anyone who appeared in “our” movies. Money aside, that must be partially why so many big names are quick to lend their voices to Pixar movies and the like. Or maybe it isn’t, but the effects are still just as true.

I couldn’t begin to count the number of actors I’ve always rooted for, all because they appeared in something I saw as a kid. Fuller is just one of many examples. After his turn as the vicious bastard in No Holds Barred, I can’t tell you how happy I was to see him “go good” in Wayne’s World. It shouldn’t be one of my favorite parts of the movie, but it totally is.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that I have Garth to thank for it.

He was awesome in so many ways. The proof will be in the response to this article, because I’m confident that others would name completely different “Garth things” if challenged to celebrate him. This guy just couldn’t move without doing something right.

Garth, today is your day. Thank you for being you.

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  1. This piece puts into words feelings I’ve always had but could never articulate.

  2. I think the addition of Miss Horne in Waynes World 2 brought out the best in Garth, so many great quotes

    Honey Horne: So, would you like to have dinner one night?
    Garth: Oh, I like to have dinner every night.

    Honey Horne: Take me, Garth!
    Garth: Where? I’m low on gas and you need a jacket.

  3. I liked Garth’s modified Hockey Stick in Waynes’ World 2. That was a cool custom.

  4. I am so glad you are a Garth fan too. I loved this movie and back in the seventh grade I imitated Garth so much it almost permanently stuck.

    I still crack up over the cue card scene.

  5. Ribbed for her pleasure. Ewwwww.

  6. My favorite thing was when Garth said, “Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he’d put on a dress and play a girl bunny?”

    Wayne: “No.” (begins laughing hysterically)

    Garth: “Neither did I. I… I was just asking.”

  7. Great movies and Garth was definite scene stealer.

    Garth: Ribbed for her pleasure. Ewww.

  8. I don’t have a favorite Garth thing, because that would require me to compartmentalize the awesomeness that is Garth Algar. I think that may be beyond my capabilities. Kudos to you, Matt, for daring to face such a challenge.

  9. IIRC, the hand thing was from a “Garth tries to kill Benjamin” subplot that was eventually extricated from the movie, but I think they left that part in because it’s just so gloriously weird.

  10. You forgot to point out that Garth was the sexy one.

  11. When I was 10, my aunt had surgery and was broke that year as far as buying us presents. My Grandma told me to be nice about what presents I got and not complain. My aunt got me two tapes from a McDonalds promotion that year. The Addams Family movie and Wayne’s World. My Grandma so didn’t need to give me that speech before, about being nice.

    Wayne’s World was the first comedy movie I watched that was directed towards adults. Some of the jokes we did not get as kids (like when they were ordering Cantonese food) and it was kind of like a new gift from the movie when we were a few years older. Every weekend it seems when my cousins came over we watched that movie. It was definitely a major part of my childhood.

    And it’s funny, I learned of the song Ballroom Blitz from this movie. My best friend is old enough to remember when the original version came out on the radio. He plays it from time to time. And has never watched Wayne’s World. It’s kind of iffy, I don’t know if he would enjoy the movie. It might ruin the movie a little if we sat down and watched it. And it’s definitely a movie to watch once with the commentary on. You definitely learn a few things about how the movie was made.

  12. Garth is the man! I too, would love to try that cocktail.

    And from what we have seen in the past, it’s no secret that you would put the “Donut Creatures” in the top 5. Definitely something that has Matt written all over it! :)

  13. I share your love for all things Garth. This article had me laughing out loud just remembering his lines from the movie. I’ll probably be quoting it the rest of the day.
    Also, couldn’t agree more with you regarding the “Russell” character who I, also, knew from “No Holds Barred”.

  14. some of you have seen my new hair do…and bleach blonde dye job…I feel sorta Garth-like in a way…. click my name…. I feel so more liberated as a blonde

  15. I was an impressionable 10 year old when this movie came out, as evidenced by the fact that my buddy Colin and I couldn’t stop shouting “Schwing!” as we exited the theater that night. Much to the embarassment of my poor mother.

    As a kid I had a habit of selecting a single film by SNL cast members to watch and memorize for the entirety of my summer vacations. Wayne’s World was my film of Summer ’92 (followed in subsequent years by Billy Madison, Tommy Boy, Surf Ninjas w/ Rob Schneider,etc.)

    My favorite Garth moment as a kid was definitely his “Foxy Lady” fantasy sequence. When his pelvis takes on a life of it’s own, comedy has arrived.

    As an adult I have found that Garth’s advice to Wayne, “Women want you to come get them. They love it.” has yielded the greatest results for me personally.

    Great article, Matt! Oh and Kurt Fuller is my all time favorite weasely, bad guy sidekick.

  16. It’s not really a Garth thing but the scene that is absolutely rife with product placement is probably the main reason Wayne’s World is to this day one of my favorite movies ever. Just thinking about it gets me laughing sometimes.

  17. “If you’re going to spew, spew into this”

  18. Wayne was the substance of the films, and a cool character beyond his insecurities, but Garth was the glue that held everything together. If the movie had been just about Wayne, it wouldn’t have worked. And if it had been JUST about Garth, it wouldn’t have worked. That’s why the two characters were great together, they made each other.

    I think one of my fav. “Garth Things” was when he popped out of nowhere when Wayne woke up from his dream in WW2, and starts going on about the Sports Illustrated stuff they got in the mail. It was just confirming what Jim Morrison had told Wayne in the dream, but it was hilarious because Garth was so enthusiastic. lol

  19. I suppose I should start by saying this is just one of numerous examples why I often feel like this site is catered specifically to me, because Wayne’s World is one of my favorite movies of all time, easily top 5. Largely due to the exact same reason for this article…GARTH!

    One thing that is probably rather obscure and likely wouldn’t be on anyone else’s “reasons why Garth is so awesome” list, is because he wears a Casio CA-53 watch. The same watch as worn by Marty McFly in BTTF parts 2 & 3, as well as by Screech on Saved By The Bell, and not coincidentally, the same watch currently worn by yours truly.

    A couple of other favorite Garth moments:
    The Suck Cut: “Just take a little off the top, don’t buzz me” and “It’s sucking my will to live!”

    “If you’re gonna spew…spew in to this”

  20. “I like to play.” (ting).
    I was a drummer so I loved this. Plus Garth’s “Garth looking” collie is amazing.

  21. I love after his epic drum solo when he shyly says “Thanks…I like to play”

  22. Garth…the best damn whistler in all of Aurora.

  23. Oh man, I love Wayne’s World. Even the sequel. Wasn’t it great when movies like this brought in box office gold, and everyone went around quoting them. But I had to stop reading your article after the first two points because I haven’t seen the movie in years, and I don’t want to refresh my recollection of the story until I can watch it again. I sold my VHS at a garage sale years ago in anticipation of the DVD release, but then I never found the DVD in our neck of the woods. Now I might as well find the blu-ray.

  24. I forgot to mention this is one of the few movies I actually have on Laser Disk. Star Wars Trilogy, the first 7 Star Trek Movies, the Indiana Jones trilogy, and Wayne’s World.

  25. To those who mentioned the “spew in this” cup: That was very close to making the cut.

    I like the drum solo too, but it’s not as personally affecting.

    The dog is a solid contender as well.

  26. In honor of Garth’s day, and Matt’s sharing of his fav Garth moment, I’ll share mine.

    I was virtually unaware of Wayne’s World or Saturday Night Live when this movie came out. In fact, I only saw it on VHS from the little local rental shop. Being 9 years old, I didn’t really get the scene at the time, rather I simply got great amusement out of how Garth delivered the line “Ribbed for her pleasure…eeeEEEEew” That “eeeEEEEew” had me rolling on the floor despite having no real concept of condoms, let alone one with shapes designed to…well, you know….eeeEEEEew. It was an innocent moment amidst one of the racier jokes in the movie and this memory has further endeared Wayne’s World to me in a way that it stands out as one of my childhood’s more fun, and eye opening moments.

  27. I’ve been meaning to revist this movie since I saw a news story last week saying Grey Poupon will be re-doing the famous ad.

  28. I love this movie. I went to see it in theaters back in ’92, too, when I was 12. Like everyone else, me and my buddies quoted this movie endlessly.

    I’m pretty sure it’s on netflix right now, so thanks for reminding me about this, Matt. I’m gonna watch it again tonight.

  29. Oh man, I went to a Wayne’s World double feature this weekend and it was AWESOME, so this post is perfectly timed. Garth sipping the jelly out of his jelly donut with a straw? He’s the best!

    And I totally thought about you when they brought out Garth’s cocktail, Matt! I’m so glad it made your list.

  30. “I like em tiny and toasty!” laundromat scene with honey hornay.

    “You didn’t tell em about my pubes didja?”

    Also…the other evil guy from No Holds Barred was also in Gremlins 2.

    Wayne’s world came out in spring 92…my mom wouldn’t let me go see it…but she bought the soundtrack for my brother and me. I got the vhs of it the day it came out in August 1992. I got it at Woolworths in Ocean County Mall during our annual back to school shopping trip. That day I also got Yo Noid and my brother got captain sky hawk for NES.

  31. I’m also a huge Wayne’s World fan, both movies are just wonderful. I used to rent the first one on VHS every weekend and watch it nonstop. I mean, literally as soon as it ended I would rewind it and watch it again. It’s that kind of movie.

    I think I wanted to be more like Wayne at the time because he was the “cool” one (and Tia Carrere was SO hot back then) but we always quoted way more Garth lines. He was definitely the scene stealer. “Did you ever see that “Twilight Zone” where the guy signed a contract and they cut out his tongue and put it in a jar and it wouldn’t die, it just grew and pulsated and gave birth to baby tongues? Pretty cool, huh?”

    I mean, come on.

  32. Loves this film. Garth is awesome.

    My favorite moment might be a very little one. The scene where Garth has red liquorice in a little custom dispenser in the roof of the Mirthmobile.

    I’ve always wanted to do something like that. As a kid whenever I got a pack of bubble tape, I’d inevitably tape it somewhere silly, like the wall next to my bed, just so I could reach up and dispense candy whenever I wanted. It just seemed so cool.

  33. Also something I forgot to mention earlier. In Portland there is a donut shop called Voodoo donut. They are known for ridiculous yet delicious donuts. They also do weddings. Anyway they sell a voodoo donut, that is a voodoo guy. He has a pretzel stick coming out of where his heart would be, and he is jelly filled. The more you eat of him the bloodier he looks. He is chocolate frosted on the outside and according to the pictures on their website he has a face drawn on him. I have actually eaten one or two in my lifetime, but it was years ago. It definitely looks like a Mr Donut guy type of creation.

  34. And the link to their website is in my name. Totally forgot to mention that.

  35. I love Garth’s awkward, pop-culture-infused meta-commentaries, where he directly addresses the audience about what is happening, usually comparing it to something like SCANNERS or THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

  36. I don’t drink, and even I’m admiring that cocktail. That is masterful. Love the donut boy, too.

    I’ve only seen bits and pieces of this one on cable. I really, really need to see the whole thing one of these days.

  37. Great article, like a lot of the commenters here Wayne’s World came out at exactly the right time to get me obsessed with it. I watched the VHS so often I could probably recite the movie line for line to this day. When was the last time anybody listened to Bohemian Rhapsody and didn’t bang heads at the correct part? Hell, how many people don’t do the Wayne arm crossing at “Mama Mia Mama Mia” and the little air drum later? Great movie.

    Also, never seen No Holds Barred, but I know exactly what you mean about liking actors that were in favorites you watched as a kid.

  38. Wayne’s World is something I kinda missed out on as a kid, but have come to appreciate over time.

    The best thing about Garth’s drum solo is the fact that Dana Carvey actually played it. I have kind of an obsession with the drums so anyone that can play them automatically gets like 1000 cool points.

  39. Pretty sure the robot arm was some subplot that was cut out of the film, and the scene with Garth beating the hand with the hammer was the only scene that remains. It’s on the commentary, well worth listening to.

  40. I’ve seen Wayne’s World easily 50 times. Beat that.

  41. Being 11 at the time, Wayne’s World was my all time favorite comedy when it came out. Don’t know if it was technically wayne’s or garth’s car but the mirthmobile was one of the best things in the movie. Some of my other favorite non-garth moments (everybody has already covered all my favorite garth stuff) are when wayne opens the door to the room of secret agents training and every single word that came out of ed o’neill’s mouth.

  42. For a couple years I always carried a small folded up paper cup with me in case anyone ever felt nauseous. I only had the opportunity to offer it to someone once, but carrying it around for so long was worth it for just that one time. “If you’re going to spew, spew into this.”

  43. “I feel kinda funny… climbing the rope in gym class”

  44. Hey, looks like that “Name”/”Email” field issue is fixed. Everything looks fine here, and I haven’t had any issues lately with comments not loading, so thanks for that.

    Not that this has anything to do with anything, but I just started my new job yesterday and so far I love it. It’s so much more laid back from what I’m used to and the people are pretty cool. We’ve got our own fridge in the office, I think someone’s bringing in a coffee maker later, and my boss brought in doughnuts yesterday. And tomorrow we’re having gyros.

    The best part is just the freedom to kind of roam around. I take my lunch break whenever I want and can listen to music on my computer while I’m working, all of which would never have been allowed in my old position. Plus, I got a raise. I’m really digging it.

    Party on, Garth. Oh, and Tia Carrere…Lordy.

  45. I can’t BELIEVE no one has mentioned Garth post-sex with Ms. Hornee! When he comes out of the bathroom wearing that robe and speaking so eloquently:

    Garth: Good morning, darling! I trust you slept well!
    Hornee: Come here…
    Garth: You KNOW I will. (blows bubbles from his pipe) Party on.

    So many great Garth moments but for me THIS always takes the cake. It’s such a departure from his normal character, yet it just seems so…Garth. Love it.

  46. And yes, I realize this is from Wayne’s World 2. I don’t care. It is awesome. (sorry for the double post)

  47. That’s awesome, DJ D! Congratulations on the new job, sir!

    I was 14 when Wayne’s World came out and I loved it. At that time in my life, my heroes were Bill and Ted, Wayne and Garth, and (sadly enough)…Pauly Shore. I don’t know how I got into Wayne’s World, as I didn’t watch SNL back then, but I was sold on the movie. Saw it in the theater, had the soundtrack on cassette, and ordered the Wayne’s World cap that was offered in the soundtrack. I still had that cap up until two or three years ago. I’d still have it now, but it’s a long story and I’d rather not get into it. I’m still bitter about it.

    Wayne was my favorite character, although I had a not-so-soft (HA!) spot for Cassandra…as Deej said, Lordy, indeed. I agree, though, that the movie would not have been the same without Garth. He’s a vital part of what makes the movie work. The donut man scene is great, but I have to agree with Hoju Koolander: I think my favorite Garth scene is the “Foxy Lady” scene.

  48. kind of sad a dana carvey career went down the crapper always loved that guy

  49. Standing in the lunch line in 7th grade, a high schooler shoves his way past us to the front of the line saying, “Excuse me, I’d like to get by now. Excuse me, I’d like to get by now.” I don’t know why, but I thought it was the greatest thing ever, even though the dick probably took the last of the squarepizza. That was my introduction to both Wayne’s World and SNL. Greatest comedy ever.

  50. Thanks to Garth, every fourth or fifth time I hear “Foxy Lady”, I have a Algar Flashback. And fight the urge to dance like he did.

  51. Oh man, that was frigging PERFECT. From the dude that was in ‘Gremlins 2′ AND ‘Ghostbusters 2′ to the things you chose. I *STILL* say. “We fear change.” Nobody usually understands me, but meh. This movie got me INTO SNL. This movie was a huge part of life back then. I say if the 90′s had to be summed up in 2 movies, they would be this one and ‘Clueless’.

  52. Weird as it may be, I recently watched “No Holds Barred”….I have fond memories of watching it as a kid/wrestling fan when it came out…..but even as a kid, that character named his supposed tournament something that will be etched in my brain forever as one of the least creative things ever…..”Battle of the tough guys”……Zeus should have just rolled his one good eye and beat the hell out of him at that point.

  53. Haaaa, Loneman1, you’re dead on. But I have to say, Zeus freakin’ WORKED. He TERRIFIED me in that movie. TERRIFIED. His first match was something else. He was like fucking Goro out there.

    I even bought into it when they brought him into the WWF. That didn’t last long, because they couldn’t do much to mask what was really going on, there. (I did love how the WWF Magazine at that time tried to play it like he was a beast on set.)

  54. Wayne’s Wold has a strange innocence about it. It depicts a world juuuust prior to everyone being on the web constantly. It’s a world I barely remember. A world where something like cable access existed and meant something.

    I think it’s kind of charming because my brothers and sisters have not recollection of that time. We’re the final “pre-internet” generation. That makes me feel old.

  55. RIP Paul Bearer. Best manager ever. Kind of weird that you guys were talking wrestling and then…Paul Bearer dies. But then again, I remember Top Gun and what happened there.

  56. As far as Garth goes, my favorite Garth moment has to be the scene where Wayne bails the new lame ‘Wayne’s World” set. The look of sheer terror on his face is comedy gold. “I’m having a good time…no-oot.”

    One of their cable access buddies seals the deal when he notes the look of terror on Garth’s face:

    “Did you ever see that scene in Scanners when that dude’s head blew up?”

    Classic. Absolutely classic. And as for No Holds Barred, I actually know a guy who was in that flick. He was only in there for a fraction of a second, because he was an extra. He was the referee (in that fighting bar place) that Zeus smacked down. I didn’t believe him–until he whipped out a photo album that had pictures of his acting days, and damn if there wasn’t a picture of him hanging out with Tiny Lister.

  57. I was a senior in high school when Wayne’s World came out and I had pretty much the same experience as Matt– I can hardly remember a better moviegoing experience. I remember laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.

    My parents brought some of my old high school stuff from their attic recently. I happily rediscovered the door poster I had bought for my freshman dorm room (undoubtedly from Spencer Gifts)… Two stills from the reenactment of the “Laverne & Shirley” opening theme. That part did in fact make me pee. Actually, because I am from Milwaukee, the whole scene with that and Alice Cooper (it means “the good land”) still resonates!!!!

    The green screen scene– “We’re in Noo Yawk! I’ve got a gun, let’s go to a Broadway show!” and of course “We’re in… Delaware…” is also a favorite.

  58. L LOVE the “Wayne’s World” films. I saw the first in the theater when I was 14. I remember when it was released on VHS. My buddy Chris and I waited at the 24-hour video store for about 4 hours (8 till midnight) because the store wouldn’t officially sell the movie until after 12. lol At 11:59pm when the employee brought out the display containing the VHS tapes, we were ecstatic! I remember running…..not walking back to my place to watch it!!! Great memories!

    Best line ever (albeit from “Wayne’s World 2″ – “Garth finally got pubes.” :)

  59. Yeah, that was a bummer to hear about Paul Bearer….as mentioned by Bill, that was weird timing. A wrestling buddy of mine posted a pic of him and Jerry Lawler earlier today taken 10 days ago….dude did look like he was pretty ill.

    Matt – love the Goro comparison, that is dead on. I don’t remember the article from the magazine, I think the movie came out just slightly before I started buying it……I do remember the Summerslam coverage though with Savage and Zeus vs Hogan and Beefcake…..good times.

  60. Stan Mikita’s = the Captain Ersatz edition of Tim Hortons.

  61. Another great Garth thing is his female counterpart, Betty Jo. The movie could have gotten away with sending him off with some hot bimbo on his arm but instead they pair him up with his perfect woman.

    And what a perfect woman that is. That’s Olivia d’Abo under that wig and glasses. No doubt she had already made Wayne and Garth feel funny as Conan the Destroyer’s Princess Jehnna.

  62. I have never mastered the belly roll done in this film.

  63. I’ve never seen Wayne’s World, and thanks to this list, I now feel like I”ve missed something. guess it’s time to track down a copy.

  64. I’ve loved him ever since I saw him. Garth, if your reading this, I’m your biggest fan, and YOU ARE SOOO FREAKING HOT!!!!!!!!! YOU AND DANA CARVEY!!!!!!! (Well, the same person, but, ok, Dana carvey is super hot, but when he puts on the glasses and the hair, he IS THE CUTEST THING EVER!! Love you Dana, it would be my DREAM to meet you! I’m your biggest fan and I love you!! Btw im 15

  65. I remember Waynes’s World was out & was very popular at school. I didn’t get to see it until it was on TV but it was worth the wait. The Donut man is one thing I knew would be on the last. When Wayne is messing with the air gun in the workshop is one moment I remember,

  66. This makes me want to watch both Wayne’s Worlds again and search out places that sell crazy umbrella drinks.

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