The Jones Soda 2013 Halloween Flavors!

They’re BACK.

The key points:

1. Jones Soda’s Halloween flavors have RETURNED.

2. This year, the collection includes Red Licorice, Candy Corn, Blood Orange and Caramel Apple.

3. I made a big long video about them!

Enjoy. I’m gonna go spend an hour doing nothing productive.

58 Responses to The Jones Soda 2013 Halloween Flavors!

  1. I’m torn between the Vampire and Frankenstein simply based on can-art alone..

  2. I don’t think I’m a fan of Jones soda being in cans.

  3. I tried most of these a year or two back (the Red Licorice, I believe, is new. When I tried them the fourth was Monster Mojito, which I didn’t like much.) The Candy Corn was an abomination before God, and I like the actual candy. Got to say, I expect I’d probably have the same opinion of the Red Licorice. Caramel Apple I liked, but you’re right about the odd aftertaste. Think I’ll stick with the regular Green Apple instead.

    The Blood Orange, however, I loved. Yes, it’s more red than orange in color, and it’s also a bit more bitter than a normal orange soda. But that’s how real blood oranges are, in both color and taste. It may be a bit of an acquired taste, but I like the extra richness of it. (But as you liked the Red Licorice, I’m guessing your sweet tooth is even sweeter than mine.)

  4. @Matt is that real facial growth or CGI?

  5. @pizzaparty: The Halloween ones have been in cans before. I’d need to consult previous Countdowns, but they’ve definitely been out in both bottle and can form. The bright side to the cans? Really great designs.

    @Morgan R. Lewis:I was mostly taken with how much Red Licorice tasted JUST LIKE RED VINES. Specifically Red Vines, too. Not just “licorice.” But, Blood Orange is a really close second, and the best mixer of the four by far. It almost makes me want to give gin another chance.

  6. @Shawn: CG; my manager said I needed to age things up.

  7. I bought the Caramel Apple at Target. I obviously chose wrong and will go buy some Red Licorice on Thursday. And Blood Orange too so I can throw gin in it. And Candy Corn because I actually like Candy Corn. Look what you’re doing to me Matt! Making me spend 8.97 plus tax!

  8. You think the Blood Orange and Red Licorice would mix well with gin or vodka respectively?

  9. @Royal: The Red Licorice is worth is for the mindfuck alone. I’m not kidding: It’s unbelievably like Red Vines. But, if I’m being a hundred percent truthful, Blood Orange might be the true winner this year. (Then again, I love tonic water.)

  10. @JohnV: Licorice with vodka. Blood Orange with vodka or gin.

  11. “Beef Soup” actually sounds like a plausible Jones soda flavor.

    Isn’t the candy corn soda a holdover from previous years? I’m fairly certain I had it maybe 5 or 6 years ago.

  12. I think the red licorice Frankenstein resembles Fred Munster…sounds delish! I’m gonna get that one, and the blood orange(one of MY personal fave flavors) The brown bottle cough syrup, phenergen with codeine or promethazine with codeine maybe? Those are more grapey tasting, not appley…

  13. @Pirate John: Yup, believe more than one, or most, have been around before. Not gonna bother consulting my old reviews — I remember saying that they were all terrible, which was only half true at best. Coming off the Thanksgiving sets, I thought they were all supposed to be intentionally “off,” and ran with that. (The Halloween ones are meant to be good. Whether they succeed in that is up to us!)

  14. Some of the Thanksgiving ones were actually pretty good as well. The “Dessert Pack”, which was all flavors of pie (and thus, really, just unusual fruit-flavored sodas) was pretty good on the whole. The Christmas ones… not so much, but they did have a few where they were “trying”, anyway. The Gingerbread Soda and Candy Cane Soda weren’t to my liking (just a hair too strong in the latter case otherwise it would have been great), but I can at least see somebody enjoying them.

    If they ever bring back the Pea Soda, though, that’s one to avoid.

  15. Matt, any word if we are going to be seeing the Halloween themed cans of A & W and Orange Crush? I still have two cans of the A & W with the werewolf on them.

  16. I’ve seen Halloween themed mini-cans of A&W. Can’t remember what was on them.

  17. @Matt: Was there a lemonade-flavored one? I think I liked that the best. I probably bought those Halloween sodas because of your old reviews. Well, either yours or I-Mockery’s… hard to remember now. I do, however, well remember the little taste test of the Thanksgiving sodas you arranged for your co-workers. I never got up the courage to drink any of those.

  18. Excellent review. I assume these products will be at Target. I went there today and they are finally rolling out their Halloween merchandise. Didn’t see Jones Soda but did see some cool dog skulls that bark. Target, can we just skip “Back To School” and head straight to Halloween please!

  19. This makes me want to run out to Target right now and purchase the Red Licorice one. Hell, I’d give them all a chance, even the Blood Orange one even though I dislike most orange flavored things.

  20. Our Target was just starting to get the Halloween stuff out today, but everything was so sparse. I found the new (non-holiday) exclusive Ben and Jerry’s flavor so it wasn’t a total bust, but I am getting impatient!

    Blood Orange looks tasty, but I think I’d try Red Licorice for the novelty factor.

  21. uhm…so does that licorice one taste like Twizzlers? :O

  22. Those cans are gorgeous*, but what an outrageous slight to the Mummy. Usurped by the Kim Kardashian of monsters, a ZOMBIE. I will not stand for this!

    *That’s what he said.

  23. Tremendous video as always! I love the cans but really was not fond of Red Licorice or Candy Corn, and I was actually really looking forward to both of those. Maybe it is because I was always more of a Twizzler Guy and these are geared towards the Red Vines fans? I just thought they both came off as very bland. Not something that was horrid to drink, but boring for soda based on candy.

    I haven’t tried Blood Orange or Caramel Apple yet but am not too optimistic after the others.

  24. Arrrg. One of the few things I didn’t find during my trip to target. Next time I guess.

  25. Where can these be found at? Or are they pretty much everywhere?

  26. Regarding bottles vs. cans, Jones Soda usually sells its Halloween sodas in cans. I still have several old four-packs of them. The bottled mojito and licorice flavors from 2010 (or whenever it was) seem to be the exception, not the rule.

    Also, both candy corn and caramel apple have been sold before. In fact, they seem to be permanent fixtures among the Jones Halloween sodas. The other flavors vary. For example, a few years ago there was “Buried Pomegranate” and “Spider Cider.”

    Isn’t there also a grape flavor this year? If not, I’m sure there was before.

  27. It’s ridiculous how I get excited whenever a video is posted now. Consistently hilarious improv. Potion to turn in to bats? Lol.

  28. Noice. Jones Soda comes through again. They care, they got the ”blood orange” color PERFECT. Yes, more red than orange.
    I understand the cans, they want them given out as treats, and the artwork on the cans is what is expected of Jones Soda, but I can’t quite deal with Jones Soda in cans.
    Hey at least it ain’t ”turkey in gravy” or ”buttered mashed potatoes” yet.
    Come to think of it, those WOULD be pretty frightening…

  29. Matt – By the way, I don’t think you’re mispronouncing licorice. It sounds normal to me.

    That bit in the video reminded me of this classic Family Guy gag:

  30. Man, freaking Ecto-Cooler is going to have to come back next year if Halloween 2014 has any chance of being anywhere near as awesome as Halloween 2013!

    I’m really excited about these sodas and, right up there with Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy, I must have them. I WILL have them.

    Also, yeah, I think you’re pronouncing licorice right. Liquor-ish. All I know is my mom pronounces it “liquish” and that ain’t right AT ALL.

  31. the way you say licorice is the way i say licorice. I definitely need to find some, cause I love Red Vines.

  32. I was just happy to hear that the “Red Licorice” tasted like the cherry variety and not like the black ones sneaked into the wrong color. I hate black licorice. I may have to try that. Real blood oranges have become my go-to winter fruit, so that would be my second choice.

  33. The Red Licorice really, honestly tastes like Red Vines? Matt, don’t play me on this, Red Vines is the ONLY licorice I will eat, because, I don’t know, it just tastes RIGHT.

    I’m thinking Frankenstein over vanilla ice cream. My brain may explode over “You’re drinking RED VINES how can this BE?”

  34. Redvines are the shit, so I’m looking forward to trying the red licorice soda. Also the blood orange. Flavored tonic/soda/mineral water is my shit.

    Black licorice is a thing of horror and disgust. Just the smell of it makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

  35. I will go buy these thanks to this video, hopefully Target has the damn MONSTER CEREALS NOW!!!!

  36. Dah, god. The description of the Caramel Apple. I knew instantly the cough syrup flavor you were talking about. Brought back a lot of bad memories. My parents had to bribe me to take that shit when I was little. And I’d need a candy chaser to get the flavor outta my mouth. Blech!

  37. Love the epic music while you’re talking about crappy music. It’s like training to take out the Big Boss.

  38. I meant crappy soda.

  39. I hope they have these at Target tomorrow, they’ve had very little Halloween here in Los Angeles.

    Sad that the red licorice is Red Vine flavor and not Strawberry Twizzlers. I’m thinking that maybe I can liquify Twizzlers in a blender and add that to tonic water. Or Vodka. Everything seems like it tastes better with – or after – vodka.

  40. Those cans look awesome. I wouldn’t be ashamed of using those for decorations in my office.

    I really, really want to try the blood orange soda. I’ve always hated actual blood oranges, but I had some San Pellegrino Sparkling Blood Orange Beverage a couple weeks ago, and it was amazing.

    I don’t think I’ve ever had Red Vines, just Twizzlers. Is there a big difference in taste between the two?

  41. The key to the candy corn soda is to mix it with vanilla ice cream to make a candy corn float.

  42. I’ve had blood orange soda before (Trader Joes). It was good, but just tasted like regular orange soda to me.

  43. Anybody seen The retro monster cereal boxes in EL paso Texas???

  44. Is this another Target exclusive? Cause that is a really, really long drive.

  45. I imagine these to be a Target exclusive but I would warn you to wait a week because my lame ass Target still has school stuff on the shelves. Only Halloween Oreos to tease us.

    Great video and I am really glad the licorice translated well to soda. I thought it would.

  46. Ugh, why is my Target always the last to have Halloween stuff? At least now I have someone to blame when they finally do stock this stuff, but all the good flavors are somehow immediately gone. Now I can shake my fist at the sky and cry curse you @Richard Miller !

    Because clearly only 2 people in LA are looking for Halloween soda and cereal.

  47. The Targets in Kansas have their Halloween stuff out and the Jones sodas are exclusive to Target. Walgreens are still taking their sweet, slow as molasses, time getting their seasonal stuff out.

    Those jerks at K-Mart have their Halloween stuff out, but also have their Christmas stuff out right next to the Halloween stuff so that you hear Jingle Bells amidst all the devilish screaming and eerie cackles. It’s the same thing with Cracker Barrel restaurants and it makes me want to strangle them with their own tinsel and give them an artificial Christmas tree enema. Let me just have my Halloween, please!

  48. Tonight’s the night of the harvest moon, and I’m undecided whether to commemorate it with a werewolf movie or one of the hilariously stupid Children of the Corn films. Either way, hopefully it’ll be a nice reddish orange, so I can toast it with a few cans of Blood Orange Jones mixed with rum. (Yeah, obviously the werewolf can would be more theme appropriate, but I’m not wasting good rum on that sickly Candy Corn flavor.)

  49. Well, that’s strike two for Canadian Target stores. They carry neither these, nor the Monster Cereals. What’s the point of allowing big American business to infiltrate our economy if they can’t even provide us with delicious Halloween treats?! I hope everyone who gets to try these knows how lucky they are!!

  50. It was pointed out to me that another name for a harvest moon is a “corn moon”, so I guess the candy corn soda connection is inescapable. I’m gonna slam one, then take the top off with a can opener, rinse it out, and pour in the superior tasting blood orange. Ah, the sacrifices I make to do such needless things…

  51. I might target the werewolf can, not only because I’m huge werewolf/wolfman fan, but because the wolfman on there is giving big Frank the Ol’stink eye.

  52. Sir, you cracked the code on this one. My wife watched it with me and laughed most-heartily. “He makes the most awkward expressions,” she noted, intrigued. (She wasn’t talking about Larry…)

  53. On Red Vines Vs. Twizzlers:

    I’m sure that out there in the world there are licorice snobs who will bloviate about how “thus and such is the only TRUE licorice” and some even dare to demand that only black licorice is real, true, stuff (but ignore those poor deluded souls as clearly they have no reason whatsoever), but I am here to say they are completely wrong.

    It’s not a Coke/Pepsi thing. Twizzlers taste strawberry-ish (and that’s a flavor I generally approve of) but Red Vines, the real, true Red Vines, taste…red.

    Not joking. It’s a real thing and a thing of wonder it is. Note that the Red Vines company sometimes make other flavored vines and they’ll be Black Vines and Grape Vines and Cherry Vines but Red Vines are their own flavor.

    I don’t know why this is. Maybe they are made from 100% artificial ingredients. I don’t care, they taste good. Really good. Not too sweet, not too gummy, no surprise burst of Cherry or Strawberry (again, flavors I otherwise heartily approve of), no sour aftertaste.

    I try to keep a 1 pound bag around as emergency candy.

    It may be a regional product. Like my Beloved Cheeze Kurls (the one and only! f**k Cheetos!). I always feel bad when I talk about Cheeze Kurls and know that there are places in the U.S. that have never had the joy of them.

    RED VINES!! You *should* be able to find a bag of them at any Target or Walmart, unless, again, they’re actually a regional product.

  54. Glad to see you saw these as well. I’m pretty far behind on the countdown, but when I saw them at Target a few weeks back, my immediate reaction was, “Damn, I hope Matt covers these.”

  55. Lurking since 04′, first time poster. I cheated and got 1 set from swapping out the cans to get one of each cause i am a poor hobo. You give pretty high marks I must say, just drank the candy corn, very awful..I loved the blood red though, I am very surprised at the low rating you gave for that. As always, you do great work! Keep it up!

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