Pink Swimmingo Kool-Aid, from 1992!

Here’s me, trying “Pink Swimmingo” Kool-Aid from 1992. It’s one of the few “character flavors” I never got around to back on X-E. It’s pretty wonderful stuff!

Really wish Kool-Aid would start doing the custom flavor mascots again. I love the Kool-Aid Man as much as anyone, but he’s even better when you pair him with flamingos, dinosaurs and pink sharks.

Have a great Saturday. I’ll be spending it cleaning my office for the thousandth time. (Tore it apart to find the stupid Swimmingo.)

  • Matt

    Aaron, nice to see you here again! But, I’m definitely not putting your Kool-Aid packets in these. (I love my little box set — and plus most those flavors are too rare!) I had a massive collection of K-A before that — must be over a thousand packs. That’s where I’m drawing from. :)

  • Ety

    I have an unopened tin of Great Bluedini Kool-Aid in my cupboard that has come with me through three moves. What should I do with it?

  • Carpeteria

    Aaron – that’s an awesome collection of Kool-aid! My absolute favorite of all time is in there – the Magic Twists cherry flavor that was actually kind of an electric Caribbean blue when mixed with water. It combined my favorite flavor with my favorite color. I miss that one a lot – I should have bought a ton of it when I had the chance. As far as I’ve seen, it’s not available anywhere at all any longer.

  • Adam Riches

    Am I the only one that was a little disappointed we didn’t get to see the water being poured? I have to admit, I was secretly hoping for an over-pour spill like in the 2011 Madd Matt Ghoul-Aid video. That moment was one of the best laughs I’ve ever had on your site(s). You could keep using that gag in every Kool-Aid video and I don’t think it would ever get old!

  • SuperRecoome

    Matt, I sent you a whole bunch of kool aid years ago,(Like probably 2003ish, 2004?) and I know at least one of them was Pink Swimingo lol I wonder if you’ve had that packet all these years. ;-P

  • JohnV
  • tanta07

    Speaking of moisture ruining your just-add-water powder drinks, I remember going over to friend’s house as a kid, and we opened up his plastic container of Country Time Lemonade, only to discover that some moisture had gotten in, and turned the lemonade powder into kind of a semi-solid, chewy candy consistency. Imagine our delight when we realized that we could tear off chunks of undiluted lemonade candy! So moisture getting into your powder drinks isn’t always all bad. At least if you’re an 8 year-old sugar addict.

  • Paul

    I’d like to point out that the Pink Swimmingo appears to be a lifeguard (at least based on the image on the packet).

    Imagine you are drowning, and a giant pink flamingo in swim trunks swims out to you, and gives you mouth-to-beak resuscitation in an effort to save your life.

    That would be terrifying!

  • OhHeyI’mJeff

    Ughhh, I’m really struggling here. Last week’s cold snap in combination with the appearance of Halloween candy at my local grocery store has left me in a super autumnal mood. But I still have lots of summery stuff to do!

  • Whalley Range

    Kool-Aid was a staple of my youth. I remember being somewhat offended when JJ on “Good Times” gave Kool-Aid to his date and the moment was played for laughs.

    We used to make our Koo-Aid in an empty apple juice bottle and I also remember the first time I was pouring the sugar into a new batch after school and I thought: “Wow. That’s actually a LOT of sugar right there…”

  • Candy

    Ahhh, Swimingo. That commercial jingle will be stuck in my head long after dementia and years of mind numbing video games have claimed my memories like the saddest parts of Neverending Story II.

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  • HootyHaHa

    I’m experiencing a rad Pink Floyd phenomenon while watching this. I’ve rented Blue Thunder the TV series (Dana Carvey, Bubba Smith, Dick Butkis) from my Netflix DVD que. The soundtrack you’re using in this video is going along perfectly with the action in the show.

  • J

    they still sell pink swimmingo it’s called watermelon cherry though

  • Teddy Ray

    I loved all of those old character flavors, and Pink Swimmingo was no exception. I can still remember the taste. So good. I really wish Kool-Aid would bring back these flavors…not just the same flavor by a different name, I want the original names, the mascots, the whole nine yards.

    On another note, I do not care for flamingos. Because they smell awful. Because they urinate on themselves to keep cool.

  • Ren

    My favorite one. Brings back thoughts of many of late nights for me as an insomniac 5/6/7 year old drinking this stuff with my dad (RIP) and watching Beavis and Butthead.

    I thought this stuff was the nectar of the gods. Watermelon Cherry tastes just like it. But, I think they just discon’ed it. But, they have watermelon and cherry as flavors on their own now. So, yay! (just mix it together). I actually believe I have a few packs of “old” watermelon cherry still I bought a year and a half back. I wanna drink it now!

    I have always loved your reviews on Kool-Aid Matt. And, the ones on the the foods and drinks of the late 80s and early 90s. :)

  • Tee76

    I’d sell my soul to get my hands on the greatest kool-aid ever made…..Mountain Berry Punch!

  • Kool AId Brad

    I had followed your old site for a while. I had been out of the Kool Aid game for close to 5 years now when I got the craving again and busted out my Mid-2000 release Sharkleberry Fin.

    Did you really get all of that good stuff from Aaron for free? That’s a small fortune! I’m jealous of the Purplesaurus especially. I have a small amount of Rock-A-Dile and original Sharkleberry but that haul is a true 80s/90s gold mine with Incrediberry, Bluedini, Rock-a-Dile, and Purplesaurus!