NECA’s “8-Bit Jason Voorhees” Figure!

If you follow me here or here, you’ve probably seen me flip over NECA’s SDCC exclusive “8-Bit Jason Voorhees” figure, based on his appearance in the old Nintendo game.

Fortunately for those who couldn’t/wouldn’t go to the convention, NECA also sold them online. Hooray, mine finally arrived! Watch me geek out under really bad lighting:

It’s a much cooler toy than I was able to put into words, because I’m me. Whether you’re a fan of Friday the 13th, action figures, things that glow in the dark or all three, it’s your duty to track one down, buy it, love it and never ever throw it away.

I’ve watched SDCC exclusives come and go for years, but this was the first time I had to have one. Friday the 13th isn’t often blessed with such quirky merchandise! NECA was inspired to make these after seeing a custom version made by a guy named Will Edwards. (Check out Freddy in Space for the scoop on that.) Will, if you’re out there — thanks for the amazing concept! There are a lot of happy campers out there, all because of you!

The figures were sold for $25 at Comic-Con and online, but I think you’ve missed the window if you wanted one for that price. eBay is your last resort, but I’d suggest waiting a bit, because the prices really are a tad nuts right now. (Just don’t wait too long!)

Now here’s a bunch of random photos!

Thanks for watching or reading or whatever you do with the things I put on here.

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  1. Got mine today. Totally awesome, but i think the fact that Im as happy as I am about it reflects more on how empty my life is than anything else.

  2. I was at comic-con, and it was a huge seller. I really wanted one but I had to chose my purchases carefully. Plus, I knew I would never take it out of the box, and I’m already having to get rid of a lot of my old childhood stuff so I had to pass. I’m still kind of regretting passing it up

  3. @Jesse, don’t worry, I was the same way.

    @Mattaphysics: For years I’ve watched SDCC come and go with immense jealousy over the exclusives, but this was the first time I HAD to have something. Thank God they put them online.

    I bought two, and I’m glad I did, because the one I did this video on came in a pretty dented box.

  4. Every new year’s day when I was growing up my family would go to my uncle’s house for a new years day party. One of my cousin’s who lived there had a nintendo but only one game…friday the 13th. So me and my other cousins would take turns playing that awful game, and over the years we never even got close to beating jason. That is one badass action figure though, I’m totally digging the way the box art is laid out on the inside with jason’s health meter and whatnot. Awesome. -Justin

  5. Ever since playing this game, I INSTINCTIVELY use a machete by HURLING it. I was unable to beat that one without Game Genie and same with LJN’s Elm Street. Only Jaws Revenge, I was able to shock Jaws and stab him with the boat front LOL!! I can’t remember if LJN made any other games based on films but those three I did play and still own F13 on NES.

    The main level music is repetitive and gets on my nerves but the cabin/indoors tune was pretty cool and reminded me of some of the original Zelda under-world music.

    Congrats on getting ahold of that exclusive figure! I STILL want that F13 Part 2/Jason’s cabin diorama, even though the finished product sucked compared to the initial full-scene prototype sketch (with victims Terri and that fat ol’ cop who ran into the woods after Jason and got hammered – literally!). It only included Alice’s skeleton, along with Pamela’s head on the table. Halfassed job.

  6. If you watched this with only the sound, it could be a small playlet about a date with Matt; it starts when him telling the woman he’s dating about how nice she smells — like a new car — then the small talk — and ends with him desperately trying to stop her from walking away by attempting a never before seen talent of juggling … very unsuccessfully.

  7. @Scott: I don’t have that, but I have the also-awesome F13 1 & 2 set that comes with Pamela and “Sack Jason.” The figures aren’t so great, but it comes with the end-all, be-all accessory: The shrine from Part 2 with Pamela’s decapitated corpse head on top. Soooo great.

  8. Trash Bag Bunch.

  9. The NES Jason was such a success that they are apparently looking to make a Freddy figured based on the NES NOES game. That doesn’t hold nearly the same appeal as this guy, I don’t really remember the game at all, but I’ll still buy two, of course.

  10. I have no interest in Jason or horror movies in general, and I look forward to your complaints. That said, I’ll be the first to admit that I love the concept of this action figure. Styling a movie character-based action figure after said character’s appearance in an old, 8-bit video game produced only as a quick cash-in – and doing it well – is nothing short of brilliant. It is astounding that such a lousy game could inspire such a cool action figure decades later.

    I have to wonder if the Angry Video Game Nerd isn’t just a little bit responsible for this. After all, he did a video based on this game early on in his career, and I doubt it would be quite so infamous without him bringing it to light. Movie tie-in games are typically mediocre and forgettable at best, with rare exceptions. This was very true in the NES era, and by rights this game should have faded into obscurity. Had not video game review shows and Let’s Plays given old games new life, I doubt this figure would exist.

  11. This is so great! I first saw this mentioned “that other site”, and man I’ve been obsessed with it since! Happy to see it’s in stores now; guess I’ll be getting one.

  12. Also, love the Part III face!

  13. I missed the online sale. Seeing this makes that hurt even more.

  14. I’ve seen that one, Matt – Pamela’s figure in that 2-figure set sure looked ten times creepier than Betsy Palmer, herself!

    If they ever give that F13 Part 2 diorama another shot, I’d get it for sure. To me, that’s the most iconic scene from the entire series, always has been for me. For the longest time, I wondered if that WAS Alice’s skeleton in front of the table, but upon clearer view, I noticed the ice pick still in her skull. Plus I think the rare novelization mentions that, too.

  15. Oh Matt. Thank you. Some life bullshit is really getting me down right now. I didn’t know I needed to see you juggle fruit while wearing a Jason mask until I saw you do it. I feel slightly better now.

  16. That packaging is absolutely fantastic. The life bar and game over screen seriously make me want this thing on box alone.

    Cool concept. It would be even better if they made him all pixel-y and blocky looking. I know that’s asking a lot, but it would be fantastic.

  17. That figure rocks hard.

    Matt man – you’re fucking hilarious. Those videos are deadpan gold.

  18. Speaking of “glow in the dark” – MATT!! LOL ;) Have you received anything snail mail lately of Boba Fett and Luke Skywalker? I hope I got the right address!

  19. @Annette and Zach: Thank you! (And hope you feel better soon, Annette!)

    @Scott: Not yet! Unless… you know, let me check tonight, because I have a bunch of Mysterious Boxes that I didn’t bother opening since I knew what they were and don’t need them yet. I’ll check tonight!

    Also, I’ll add some info to the post tomorrow, but the exclusive stemmed from a custom someone made. I think they sent NECA photos (they used a NECA figure) and then NECA decided to take it mainstream. (The original custom looks great, too!)

  20. @Matt: OK Cool!! One way you MIGHT be able to distinguish mine from other snail mail is I’m a STICKER VANDAL!! I’ve always been big on stationery and especially character stickers, recently been using Clone Wars and SBSP. So if I vandalized your package, it might include either Captain Rex and Obi-Wan, or Sponge Bob and Patrick! LOL!!

  21. I know I”m in the minority here, but I actually enjoyed the Friday The 13th game. Yeah there were a lot of problems, but man all the rumors on the playground about the stuff you could do in this game. And for once a lot of them, like lighting the fireplaces or getting the sweater were actually true.

  22. You should pose him as he looks at the end of each day in the game after you’ve kicked his ass: in a seated position with his head drooped down.

    To anyone who’s interested in the NES game, a word of advice: when you fight Jason on the third day, if at all possible, do not fight him in the cabins. He moves like the Flash and is damn near impossible to hit. Fight him on the path and keep throwing the pitchfork at him.

  23. Awesome, and just in time for my Friday the 13th marathon. I just watched 1 through 3 today. I want this figure.

  24. That Nintendo game rocked my life. I was just at the age where I loved those VERY basic computer RPGs, and also at the age where the Nintendo game scared me a tiny bit as well. Deep down, I *know* there are flaws to this game, but yet still argue for it in discussions. To have a doll based on THAT version of Jason? Well…that would be amazing.

  25. The last time I jumped on my chair and did the charleston was when I got Animal Crossing,new leaf for 3ds…picturing you dancing like that, I picture you black and white like a movie, and being all floppy like a muppet or charlie chaplin

  26. Definitely one of the few things at SDCC I really would like to get. Of course, if I do, it’s staying in the box because it just looks so cool as a display piece.

  27. I simply have to post the link to The Angry Video Game Nerd’s review of the NES Friday The 13th. It’s one of his earliest AVGN reviews and it’s outstanding.

    If you haven’t seen it, click on my name to view the video. James puts so much work and effort into these videos.

  28. Where did you guys find your Jasons? I went to NECA’s site, thinking they had an online store, but it seems they don’t have one. I mean, I know it’s sold out and all, but it’s still nice to know in case they do something else this cool.

  29. Nice to see a new video, Matt! That really is a terrific concept for a toy. Kudos to NECA. A friend asked if I’d like to trek to Comic-Con in the next year or two. I said, “Take pictures with babes in costumes, blow my life’s earnings on all manner of junk, and basically nerd out for four days!? Sure!” This was a nice way to start my morning. I think I’ll go eat a salad..

  30. @Stunt Zombie: The site was, not NECA’s main site. Here’s the listing, but it’s out of stock now.

  31. I never played the F13 NES game but heard its difficulty was legendary. I’ve seen some YT videos of people blowing though the game in like 15-20 minutes. They have to be using cheat codes/Game Genie right?

    Miss the videos, glad to see a new one. I think you invoked a little bit of Fall weather around here (NY Metro area) with this Halloween-esk post. Felt like late September this morning. Quite refreshing after the 90+ degree week we had.

  32. Do you ever think about the circumstances under which many many strangers are watching you perform? Because, just so you know, a very surly thug watched you juggling fruit over my shoulder on the bus this morning, and I think you touched his heart and made him a better person.

  33. I love NECA so much because they constantly do geeky stuff like this.

    For reference, the figure’s body is from the Friday the 13th series the company did last year; I have the version specifically based on Part IV (my personal favorite of the series), but mine has a different head sculpt, so I suspect the NES version uses the Part III mold.

    Regardless, even if you’re like me and didn’t own an NES as a kid, any version of the mold is an awesome action figure of pre-zombie Jason.

    As a final note, was using the phrase “happy campers” in a Friday the 13th review an intentional bad pun on your part, or the happiest of accidents?

  34. @JohnV: It does feel fall-like today!

    @Rev: I cannot stand bus people who watch what other bus people are watching. That drives me craaazy.

    @E. Wilson: Oh yeah, it’s def P3 Jason. (Going by release dates, it technically should be P7 Jason, but I don’t blame anyone for not wanting to work that hulking version of him into this scale.)

  35. Definitely looks like a pretty cool figure. The NES game is still insanely difficult for me to play because every time I encounter Jason, he kills me instantly. NECA hit it out of the park based on the box alone, and it sucks that I missed out on this one(the prices on the secondary market are pretty crazy).

    Your video was great, as always, and I was cracking up when you put on the mask and attempted to juggle fruit. :) I have to say that my attemps at juggling are just about the same.

  36. I’m mad at myself for missing out on this exclusive! One day soon I’ll have to try and get this amazing figure. In honor of the NES Jason I’ll be listening to the OC Remix version of the game music.

  37. @Jason: Jason isn’t too hard to kill. YOu just have to get into a rhythm. dodge, stab dodge, stab.

  38. I can totally relate to that wonderful smell. I bought Rollerblade Barbie from 1990 off of ebay. It STILL has the new toy smell when I put my nose in the box. I try not to open the box often so I don’t let the smell out.

    Smells like Christmas morning.

  39. This is what I missed out on?

    I am envious.

  40. The only thing from SDCC I really coveted was the exclusive Monster High doll…but they all sold out in pre-order, so I (somewhat shamefully) ended up going with a scalped one on eBay. :( I haven’t seen a black market for toys like this since friggin’ Beanie Babies.


  41. In this video, you precisely captured the moment when “that is so awesome, I must have it” becomes “now what do I do with it?” In relation to nostalgic toys, this moment is worthy of at least 14 PhD dissertations. Is it because 80′s/90′s toys (and games) were so good? Was there a kind of Renaissance going on at that time? Will today’s kids feel the same way about the toys they are growing up with?

    Anyway … fantastic images in this video, Matt. The lighting and resolution in the figure close-ups are nothing short of beautiful. Great editing in the open, also.


  42. If you want see how to beat F13 watch this video

    And Whalley I think the reason 80′s toys were so good is the economy was booming back then. So parents had more income which meant they could buy their kids more toys. This led to stronger competition amongst the toy manufacturers so they had to go all out on teh toys in order to succeed.

  43. I actually share a message board with the original customizer that inspired NECA. I actually like the original more. I think NECA made a mistake going with the transparent, glow-in-the-dark plastic for the mask and hands. Either way, it is a great idea for a convention exclusive. And the box art is incredible. Maybe they’ll do an NES Freddy for next year…

  44. I don’t think a nes freddy would sell as well. While the NESNMOE is a pretty bad game it has nowhere near the infamy that the NES F13th has.

  45. I was all
    “OMG YES! I remember matt talking about this, i bet i can grab this online!”

    And then your last paragraph happened….and my heart feel like it was cut up by jason’s machete. sigh. I want it so bad….but i dont wanna impulse by something thats now ridiculously overpriced…les sigh. Lets hope this trend of NES game Figure replica’s continue!

  46. I’ve been grateful for this blog for the last few days, it’ nice to have a “nerdy” blog to visit which isn’t all at comic con. I don’t think i’ll ever go to anything like that, I couldn’t stand the crowd. I prefer the look of that horror thing Matt posted about ages ago when he met Winston from ghosbusters etc.

    I remember when I first started reading x-e I always liked the thought of finding some interesting UK-only candy or toy and mailing it to Matt so he could do an article on it. The only think I can thing of though was the scream egg which we got early, and it’s too late for that now.

  47. Thanks, Whalley Range!

    @Zack and DerDaven: I’ve already read rumors that they want to do Freddy next. I think it’d be another big success, even if Jason is the more standout choice.

    @Chris: Prices should hopefully fall soon!

    @tombo: SDCC really isn’t my scene, but that has everything to do with me and nothing to do with “it.” I’m softening my stance and kinda WOULD like to go, but I dunno… I doubt. That horror convention I sometimes post about is much more my speed. I dislike feeling overwhelmed, even if it’s in a good way. :)

  48. I don’t think I’d have even been allowed to have a Jason game on 8-bit. I remember asking my Mom for the master system Ninja game and her refusing to buy it because she could “tell how violent it would be from the box”. I only got to see horror movies by going to see friends.

  49. Did I spy a Pac-Man tattoo for a sec? Maybe it’s just me. I’d love for you to make a video or post about your tattoos some time. If you have a tribal Jesus like everyone else on our island though, I might cry.

  50. Matt,

    I don’t know if you’re much of a Predator or Aliens fan, but since you’re obviously familiar with NECA through things like what you’re showing here (I really want that SDCC Jason myself), have you looked into the awesome new waves of Predator and the Aliens toys NECA has been putting out?

    Finally got an Arnold as Dutch figure and we’re getting the Colonial Marines even starting with Hudson (complete with ‘Game over, Man!” expression) and Hicks. There was a possible hint at Ripley coming maybe by them showing the cat she had in Alien and Aliens and Bishop has been confirmed to be coming as well.

    Seriously, NECA has become quite the awesome company. That SDCC Jason just helps to cement it. Hopefully a Nightmare of Elm Street NES game figure will come next year.

  51. “I never played the F13 NES game but heard its difficulty was legendary. I’ve seen some YT videos of people blowing though the game in like 15-20 minutes. They have to be using cheat codes/Game Genie right?”
    - John V

    No. The more you play the game and familiarize yourself with everything, the more you can develop strategies and beat the game in minutes. Having beaten the game myself, I’ve changed my opinion about it being one of the worst games. A lot of the criticism the game gets is fair, but I think that some of it isn’t. I think a lot of people just didn’t have the patience to sit down and figure out what works and what doesn’t. I consider this to be a very underrated game, primarily because it has the reputation of being a bad game.

    “@Jason: Jason isn’t too hard to kill. YOu just have to get into a rhythm. dodge, stab dodge, stab.”
    - DerDavenWarrior

    The fights in the cabin are very much like Punch-Out, in my opinion.

  52. Whenever you post a video, it is the highlight of my day. You should be my friend IRLs.

  53. Having never played the videogame, I didn’t try to get this exclusive, but it is a great-looking action figure and, I imagine, a must-have for many Friday the 13th fans.

    Now, NECA, where is the figure from Jason Lives, dammit?! (I know Mezco made one, but I believe only three were produced and are now kept in private collections by wealthy eccentrics.)

  54. I’m not a horror movie fan by any stretch of the imagination, so while I won’t be picking this up for myself, I have to admire the work that went into this guy. Glow-in-the-dark is instant cool.

    Surprisingly, considering my mother’s even more adamant dislike of horror, we were able to rent the “Friday the 13th” NES game. My gaming-obsessed sister finished it in a few hours. I remember her complaining about how easy it was and how little blood was actually in it.

  55. I dunno PirateJohn, plenty of us are old and nerdy enough to have very distinctive memories of terrible old video games like NES Friday the 13. Maybe the AVGN video increased the exposure of stuff like this, but I can promise you that Matt and plenty of us were on this train long before.

  56. I got mine today, as well. This is absolutely my favorite FRIDAY THE 13TH collectible ever. It may be my favorite action figure, period. The packaging is superb. I couldn’t bring myself to open it … though I am curious to see what it smells like now.

  57. Such a wonderful video. I used the same F13 part 3 theme for one of my Halloween countdown reviews. Gotta change that. You have great musical taste, Matt.

  58. That figure is amazing! Great job on the video man.

  59. This is absolutely my favourite thing. I cannot believe they did it, and did it so perfectly.

    I certainly missed it, since I could not find the listing, (necaclub …sigh) but I will get one from a second hand source.

    Only question now is am I going to pay 50 dollars or more?

    I loved this review, and I loved the Part III music, because it’s rad.

  60. I’m kicking myself in the ass for completely forgetting about buying this.

  61. It is a thing of beauty. I’m not much a Friday the 13th fan, but I want this.

  62. Your videos are always comedy gold, Matt, and this one is no exception. From biting the box to putting on the mask and attempting to juggle fruit, this was just a great video.

    Also, “Angry Mutant Grape” is the name of my Prince tribute band.

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