Unboxing Rocky Road Cereal, from 1986.

I hadn’t intended for this to become an ’80s week on Dino Drac. It just worked out that way. And now I shall make it official by opening a box of cereal from 1986.

I don’t know exactly when Rocky Road Cereal went out of production, but it did, and people miss it. Not all people, but some people. I can’t honestly count myself among them, but that’s only because I grew up with too many other favorites to make room for this. From all accounts, it was a good little cereal. It deserves one more day in the sun.

So, here’s a video of me opening a vintage box, and trying to figure out how to make that interesting without actually eating it:

I don’t know if I succeeded, and I misspoke more than once, but I can guarantee that this will be your only shot at seeing a 1986 Rocky Road Cereal unboxing video. So there’s that.

  • Ultraman

    Matt: I DARE you to wear that hat on your morning commute. At least once.

  • http://stuntzombies.blogspot.com Stunt Zombie

    Thank you! For years I thought I’d only imagined this cereal, because no one else remembered it. They said I was MAD! Now I shall prove them all wrong!

  • http://www.tinyurl.com/darkentriesradio DJ D

    I didn’t remember this cereal at all until I saw the commercial, and then it all came flooding back. It reminded me of Cookie Crunch. Those were the good old days when cereal wasn’t so much cereal as it was just junk food and sugar covered in milk.

    Matt, you’re the most endearing “fucking asshole” on the internet. On paper, the idea of a hat with a built in radio sounds kind of cool, but when you see it in 3D, yeah it’s hard to pull that off without looking like a total tool. You pull it off alright though.

    I’d also like to know what the story is behind that troll or alien or whatever it is on the table on the left there. That little guy with the clock in his belly. He’s neat.

  • Joker

    This video made me laugh. They should bring this cereal back, it’s a tasty concept

  • Matt

    Thanks, guys. :)

    I honestly don’t think I’ve ever eaten this, but the commercials made it so memorable. It must’ve been delicious since it lacked any insanely great concept that would otherwise turn kids into loyalists, and yet, it lasted for a good long while.

  • Nikki

    Man I LOVED that cereal!! I would beg for it every time we went to the store. “Momma PLEEEEEASE!?”

  • princessofpower

    I think I remember this, at least vaguely. Also we have the same cereal bowls you used.

  • M. Oleman

    That cereal looks so good I would eat it off the floor of a turnpike phonebooth. I would eat it out of a hobo’s shoe. It looks so good I would pick it piece by piece out of Madonna’s garbage and eat it out of a rusty old tuna can. Well, maybe not that good but it sure looks tasty.

  • Abi A

    No Weird Al’s “I Love Rocky Road” for background music?! What is this…

  • Terror Claws

    Hey guys…uhh…SNT? Do we do that still? Or is SNT an XE thing only? Not trying to be a buzzkill, just checking.

  • http://boardwalkangel.blogspot.com/ starwenn

    Amazingly enough, I think I do vaguely remember that commercial, too. I don’t remember the cereal itself, though.

  • Ryan L.

    Oh, Matthew. Great video as always, and enjoy the large doe-eyed deer in the head lights look. Thanks for not trying the cereal!
    You are too hard on yourself, as I don’t see “. . . fuckin’ asshole”, but rather a nostalgic, adorkable guy who is an excellent entertainer. (The red cap contrasts with your dark fashion) Keep up the good work. Long-time fan.

  • Ultraman

    How ya’ll doing tonight? I’ve been having a great night! Been gettin down and having myself a party. I just got back from picking my brother up, because he got a DUI. lol That was an adventure. P.S I wish I had a radio hat.

  • http://www.platypuscomix.net Mars

    The ad for Rocky Road is one of my earliest memories….and I know I hadn’t imagined it because I name-dropped it in a home movie that Christmas.

  • Crackdown

    Thanks for smelling 30 year old cereal for our amusement, great video! I have the same cereal bowl as you btw. I feel famous.

  • drew do

    I feel kind of like everyone has a few of those cereal bowls sitting around their house. They seem to be timeless.

  • crystal

    ahahahaha, my sides.
    I would wear that hat everywhere.

  • Greg The Canuck

    I use to eat this by the truckload, thanks for the reminder of a great cereal Matt! You’re vlog cracked me up, Fucking Asshole…LOL!

  • http://jasonvorhees.wordpress.com Jason

    That commercial’s jingle is catchy as hell! I don’t recall this cereal either. But like you said, there were too many other favorites.

    I can’t believe that you actually have the hat! I would definitely wear it in public, at least once. I would wear it more if the radio actually worked.

  • Wrestlecrap’s Janitor

    The company that made this cereal should have license Weird Al’s parody “I Love Rocky Road”. Just makes so much sense!

  • devonsego

    I ate so much of this growing up. I can still remember the taste/texture. Don’t know if anything ever came close (maybe Count Chocula… and now I’m going to go eat some of that). Thanks for the awesome video.

  • Terminal83

    You sir, are a god among men.

  • Sensei John Kreese

    I’m honestly not sure if I’ve ever eaten any of this, but they played the commercials for Rocky Road and Circus Fun cereal all the fucking time back then.