The Unknown Phantom Costume!

While killing a few minutes at Walmart last night, I stumbled upon a costume that I could NOT leave without. This one:


The chances of me actually needing a Halloween costume this year are slim, but who could turn this down? It’s a full-body reaper outfit with blinking demon eyes!


Watch me try it on. It’ll only take three and half minutes:

Thank you.

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  1. Seen that in action (or one very similar) on a kid trick-or-treating a few years back. It’s impressive.

  2. Pretty epic costume.

  3. That was great. You could wear it for your trick-or-treaters? Thanks for the laughs!! :)

  4. Hilarious. But I’m dying to know what broke.

  5. I never have any reason to dress up either, but I always announce what I’ll wear for Halloween anyway. It’s pretty much always Leatherface, even though I’m 5’1″ and less than 100 pounds… I’d probably end up cutting myself in half with a chainsaw, so maybe that thought will make whatever you broke seem less irksome. At least you didn’t have a chainsaw.

  6. If someone showed up at my door in that costume—complete with colorful pants and snake—and whispered “Fucking cocksucker…” at me as I opened the door… I would hand over the entire bowl of Halloween candy.

  7. That was a lot fun. I to am curious as to what fucking cocksucker broke.

  8. That is pretty good for a $20 costume. I’ve certainly seen worse for more.

    Of course, I spent around 15x that amount on my costume this year, but when you consider just how great it is, and that I actually do have a reason to wear it, it’s worth it.

  9. Okay, so the broken item — not staged. A glass came crashing down as I was rolling, and though there was plenty in the way to break its fall, it managed to shatter into a hundred pieces, most of which are still on the floor.

    @Juge: Maybe the Kool-Aid pants add to the presentation after all?

    @Poppy: I love the idea of someone being Leatherface every Halloween. Hell, I love the idea of someone being Leatherface in general, because even during “movie release years,” it seems like a weirdly uncommon costume. (Weird because it’s such a known character, and also weird because that character makes for one hell of a costume.)

    @Pirate John: What is it? Out with it!

  10. I want one.

  11. What the hell is he going to reap with that weapon? Low blood sugar sluggish hamsters?

  12. Where did you get those pants?! I want.

  13. “If someone showed up at my door in that costume—complete with colorful pants and snake—and whispered “Fucking cocksucker…” at me as I opened the door… I would hand over the entire bowl of Halloween candy.” -The Jugenaut, Bitch!

    That made me laugh almost as much as the video. Well done, you magnificently bearded bastard. And well done to you, too, Matt! I swear your videos get funnier and funnier.

  14. Whoa, I definitely had that skull battleaxe as part of my costume when I was 9! That takes me back. It was the year I dressed as a warlock and my brother dressed as the scariest thing of all for boys that age: a girl.

    Nice to see that the generic costume industry hasn’t given up on that thing 15 years later.

  15. Haven’t decided what to be this year. We have a costume contest at work so I usually dress up every year if I’m working on Halloween. Last year i went as Clark Kent, and the year before that i went as JOhn Steed from the Avengers(british spy show, not the super heroes)

  16. Looks like a Jawa who fell to the Dark Side.

    Speaking of which, got my red FX light saber (complete with sound effects), so all I need now is a Sith robe. And then I’ll dye it a dark wine color, similar to Sidious’ recent Clone Wars appearance.

    It was nearing the end of the Clone Wars and he was ALREADY fitted in that new Emperor Palpatine robe he was wearing at the end of Episode III. But in CGI form.

    “This turn of events is unfortunate. Begin landing your troops.’

  17. Speaking of Halloween, my handpainted magnets will be on the way tomorrow! I just need to vandalize the packages with stickers. Halloween stickers.

  18. I know that this is a phantom costume, but I can’t help to hear a Jawa’s high pitched banter in my head when I see this costume.

  19. And then you mentioned it. I feel dumb commenting before seeing the whole video.

  20. Oh man, I’ve had this costume since junior high haha. I don’t know if that makes me feel incredibly old or incredibly young.

  21. If you stuck some tape on those eyes to make them a bit menacing instead of being perfectly round, I think it would look a lot better.

  22. With a few modifications, this could be a cool Nazgul costume. Tried to watch this on You Tube, but YouTube is acting up again, as usual. I want to dress like a SHIELD agent for Halloween.

  23. Funny stuff Matt! Now I want to see you do “Get up offa that thing”. Keep rockin those Kool-Aid PJs. :)

  24. Can we just discuss for a moment just how much we all want to hear Matt’s rendition of “Get Up Off Of That Thing”?

    You know you want to.

  25. I laughed so hard my cat gave me a pissed-off look and jumped off the couch. Thanks Matt!

  26. I loved this video! And not only was the costume pretty cool, I really enjoyed the guest appearance by the Kool Aid pants. A good callback is always appreciated.

  27. Haven’t decided what I’m doing this year. I usually go as generic as possible, as long as it’s not spooky (my round face does not say spooky). I’m thinking cowgirl this year. Cowboy paraphernalia is easy enough to pick up in any dollar store, and I still have that corduroy vest my mother made me for my original cowboy costume when I was a kid. I normally dress up for work, but last year, I threw together a black cat costume to help my dad give out candy (I was off work due to that fractured ankle).

    As someone who prefers generic to elaborate, I can really appreciate “The Unknown Phantom.” Those eyes add a really nice touch. I love simple costumes that go the extra mile, especially when they don’t cost much more than ones that don’t.

  28. I laughed so hard on the train at the glasses making you look like an easy target that a woman got up and moved away from me.

  29. @Matt: A very accurate Catwoman costume, per her 90s comic book look.

    And yes, I’m a guy. And no, this will not be readily apparent to onlookers. So basically, Dan Conner would not want me as a son.

  30. I saw this costume at Wal-Mart and back when I was still trying to decide what I was going to do for the one party I’m going to, this one actually crossed my mind. I settled instead on doing a classic zombie look, complete with simple facial prosthetics. I’ve never done a proper zombie makeup before so I’m kind of looking forward to it. I like that you took another one for the team though.

  31. Lol the glowing eyes are great, with or without the hood.. hopefully there’s a non-blinking mode though?

  32. The Kool Aid pants definitely add to the costume. Sure, anybody can show up in the ones provided in the costume, but to show up with colorful pants and a snake says this guy has nothing to prove and doesn’t give a fuck. I’d say it’s not a bad choice for a costume.

    Lk: that’s a good idea. Changing the shape of the eyes a little could make them look more inhuman and add an extra touch to it.

    DJ D: You’ve got to share pictures of your costume–when that time comes, of course.

  33. That costume is surprisingly good.

    I hope the glass you broke was just a generic, boring one and not a cool retro one.

  34. I dig it! I couldn’t rock it because I wear glasses and doubling up on glasses is nigh impossible (but exceptions are made for the occasional 3D film). The glowing effect is actually quite creepy.

    So, above there was talk of Leatherface as a costume. I have a quick story. So one Halloween season around ’99 a local pro wrestling co. named HWA had a Halloween themed show and during intermission there was a costume contest judged by WWE superstar (well, I’ll use that term lightly here) Al Snow (you may know him as the guy that carried around a women’s severed mannequin head and always chanted the word “Head! Head! Head!” but I digress). Anyway, he narrowed it down to two costumes: my brother, who was in a fu*king gnarly Leatherface get-up, blood-soaked apron, etc. and then some tubby teen dressed up as… you guessed it Al Snow. So Mr. Snow gave the grand prize to the guy dressed up as him when my brother was clearly the winner. #wewuzrobbed

  35. Having a shitty day, so thanks for the hearty laugh from your casual swearing. :)

  36. I love that costume!…fucking cocksucker….

  37. Speaking of creepy generic costumes, check out this story from the UK on a ‘mental patient’ costume that has since been taken off the shelves-

  38. I have this exact costume. I got it at Walmart after Halloween one year for half price (possibly less). I actually only needed a robe, so the hood and glasses were a bonus.
    The glasses are extremely uncomfortable. In fact, they are actually more comfortable if you wear them upside-down, with the added benefit that the eyes will appear higher.
    Also, the robe is huge, but the gloves that came with it are so tiny that I couldn’t possibly put them on.
    I gave them to my 5 year old son, and they fit him perfectly.

  39. I spit my coffee out watching this, I was laughing so hard.

  40. Does it make me a bad person if I had a similar robe that I altered to make a Harry Potter costume…in junior college? It does.

  41. I bought this costume 2 years ago. The trick-or treaters get a kick out of it, and some get spooked. The effect is certainly neat, and $20 seemed like a fair price, considering this will be the 3rd Halloween it will get used on. :)

  42. Awesome costume. Hearing you cuss just made me LOL for real .

  43. If possible, how does Ms. X tolerate and put up with so much adorkability day after day? She is a lucky lady! You are totally a funny guy who makes my day whenever you post. Keep up the good work!

  44. That costume looks awesome! I might have to hunt it down for this Halloween, I was planning to be the Tall Man but i could wear this on another October day. Also this video was hilarious, I liked the get up offa that thing line and I busted up laughing when you started swearing after you knocked something over. You always find the coolest things Matt! Thank you for making my Halloween Season even better with DinoDrac :)

  45. This is the first video blog to make me actually laugh out loud in a long time. Nicely done.

  46. I really want to be this for Halloween, mostly because I already have the big stuffed snake. Haha

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