Vlog: 1991 Christmas Crunch w/ Mystery Gift!

Yes – more Christmas Crunch content! Don’t complain. I have a good reason:

This is a sealed box of 1991 Christmas Crunch, with a SURPRISE GIFT BOX glued to the top. What treasures will we find inside? It will only take nine minutes to find out:

After filming, I was left with a box of really old cereal. This was back when the Crunchberries were still shaped like actual berries. They’re no longer safe to eat, but I couldn’t let such a find go to waste:

Yeeeeeuuuup. My tree is poison in so many ways.

  • http://www.facebook.com/faithxrogers Faith

    Gum tongue! :)
    The surprise gift reminded me of that Band Aid song, “Do They Know It’s Gum Balls”…

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  • Will

    I miss the Soggies.

  • http://Www.ollieville.com Louie

    My wife says you need to shave

  • Matt

    She’s right.

  • http://www.djbc.net/santastic7 dj bc

    Dude are you like baked?

  • http://beyondnasty.co.uk Will Tingle

    That thing with the “Random shit” behind the flaps is an advent calender… or, what advent calenders used to look like, before someone realized that you’d have to fill them with chocolate before anyone would give a shit!

    I once had an all-paper advent calender…I want to say my mum got ne it, but in all likelyhood it was my Gran; in any case, none of the adults in my house could understand why I always had to be prompted to open the goddamn thing on a morning.

    That was a pretty shitty December… although it MAY have been the year I go my Rude Ralph, so, swings-and roundabouts!

  • sars80k

    I believe the bird was the Peanut Butter Crunch mascot. I remember a commercial sub-plot where the Soggies kidnapped the bird? And a contest where there was a golden-box of Peanut Butter Captain Crunch.

  • http://tuhgrr.wordpress.com Tug

    The other day I ate some Cap’n Crunch Oops All Berries, and it was kind of a let down because the berries were no longer special. There has to be a life lesson in that… Thanks for the funny stuff man!