Vlog: 1991 Christmas Crunch w/ Mystery Gift!

Yes – more Christmas Crunch content! Don’t complain. I have a good reason:

This is a sealed box of 1991 Christmas Crunch, with a SURPRISE GIFT BOX glued to the top. What treasures will we find inside? It will only take nine minutes to find out:

After filming, I was left with a box of really old cereal. This was back when the Crunchberries were still shaped like actual berries. They’re no longer safe to eat, but I couldn’t let such a find go to waste:

Yeeeeeuuuup. My tree is poison in so many ways.

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  1. his moustache looks like mario ghosts.

  2. Merry Gum Balls to each and every one of us.

  3. geriatric cereal is a good name for a band.

  4. Lamest. . . gift . . . ever.

  5. I’m almost positive that the gift in mine was a little stuffed Cap’n Crunch. I was a little shocked when you didn’t pull one out. But then again, my memory is shit and the gumballs don’t seem wrong. I just tried to see if there was anything about it online and on Wikipedia there’s mention that Christmas Crunch used to contain a toy or ornament. The citation is X-E. Now I’m dizzy.

  6. The littlest 13 and I just watched your video together. Halfway through, she grinned and filled her diaper. Merry Christmas!

  7. Your face after reading “Merry Gum Balls” killed me.

  8. So, where do you GET this stuff? I’m looking for old boxes of cereal on eBay all the time, and it’s really rare to find one that isn’t empty and flattened. You blow through these things like they’re still on sale in grocery stores!

  9. Matt, that was great, I recall that box, in my youth, and really feeling bummed out until I saw the gum, My mom hit upon a local grocery discount chain which sold Christmas crunch after the season as well, it wasn’t uncommon for me to be eating it come March or April if they had it in stock.
    Come to think about that, nowadays I’d probably not let my own kids eat the christmas cereal so late.

  10. “Oh wait! When you lift these random symbols up, there’s some weird bullshit going on behind them.”

    That may be the best sentence I’ve ever heard.

  11. matt, you are a filmmaking genius

  12. Coupons, gumballs and some ghetto-ass advent calendar with shopping obsessed birds

    Yeah, whatever Capt.

  13. Oh man, what a rip off! I hope some of the boxes had better prizes ’cause a little pack of gum in that big, nice box is just sad. :(

    Hope you didn’t pay too much for the vintage box of cereal for such a let down Matt!

  14. So, it’s a Cap’n Crunch advent calendar of sorts?

  15. Hey Matt, Who Framed Roger Rabbit is on Cartoon Network.

  16. In 2000 I ate some gum from my old 80′s Ninja Turtle’s cards…..that gum GOES BAD!

  17. The present on top is great but the Crunch Berry garland is the highlight for me, excellent!

  18. Happy SNT! I’m watching Gremlins 2 on Blu-ray, lots of extra scenes I’ve never seem before.

  19. The Dino Drac decoration seemed very accusatory during the entire video, constantly turning towards the viewer in disgust. It was very distracting!

    Merry Xmas Matt, just because the ending seemed … ominous…

  20. Crunch berry garland. Yes, good.

    I’d actually like to try making popcorn garland sometime. I have an Avengers popcorn tin filled with the shittiest pre-popped corn known to humankind. Seriously, it tastes like salted cardboard. I should make garland out of that.

  21. I like that Crunch Berry Garland. Now that’s being festive and creative. Shame the package that came with it couldn’t have been as cool. If the gum was a larger size and being used as a stocking stuffer, it might be cool. In a box of cereal claiming to hold a “mystery price?” Just a wad of disappointment.

  22. In the spirit of Christmas Disappointments, I will share this charming anecdote. When I was little, I saw popcorn garlands on some tree on teevee and toddled my adorable little feety pajamas into grandma’s room and asked her, “Grandma, can I make popcorn garlands for our Christmas tree?” You must know that I was extremely cute as I did this.

    Grandma said, “NO. You will fill the house with COCKROACHES.”

    Merry Christmas to me.

  23. Nothing quite says Christmas, like a giant box of Christmas Crunch. This has become a holiday staple of mine over the years and one that I’m glad has survived long enough to be shared with my son. Nice review Matt!

  24. Matt its an advent calendar. Its telling you that on that day you pried up to go shopping lol. Always a fun time watching your vlogs sir keep it up

  25. That extra spit was your body rejecting the 21-year-old gumball.

  26. Wow disappointing gift I was really expecting Matt to pull a toy out of that box. Couldn’t the Cap’n have just stuffed the gum and the paper items in the cereal box? How did that box with that extra box attached to it fit on the store shelves?
    Great vid, merry gum balls to everyone! Oh great story Rev. about the popcorn garland. :)

  27. This video made my neck hurt for some reason. Frustrating– but fun!

  28. Merry gum balls to all and to all a good night.

  29. I believe the good Cap’n would have had a mutiny on his hands if that was his gift to his crew…gum, coupons, and some weird-ass sticker…pseudo-advent calenderish…thing? Yeah, he would have ended up walking the plank while the crew turned the ship over to the Soggies.

    Great video, Matt.

  30. But what was behind the reindeer!?

  31. Gum tongue! :)
    The surprise gift reminded me of that Band Aid song, “Do They Know It’s Gum Balls”…

  32. I miss the Soggies.

  33. My wife says you need to shave

  34. She’s right.

  35. Dude are you like baked?

  36. That thing with the “Random shit” behind the flaps is an advent calender… or, what advent calenders used to look like, before someone realized that you’d have to fill them with chocolate before anyone would give a shit!

    I once had an all-paper advent calender…I want to say my mum got ne it, but in all likelyhood it was my Gran; in any case, none of the adults in my house could understand why I always had to be prompted to open the goddamn thing on a morning.

    That was a pretty shitty December… although it MAY have been the year I go my Rude Ralph, so, swings-and roundabouts!

  37. I believe the bird was the Peanut Butter Crunch mascot. I remember a commercial sub-plot where the Soggies kidnapped the bird? And a contest where there was a golden-box of Peanut Butter Captain Crunch.

  38. The other day I ate some Cap’n Crunch Oops All Berries, and it was kind of a let down because the berries were no longer special. There has to be a life lesson in that… Thanks for the funny stuff man!

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