Vlog: Top-Drawer Christmas Vacation Stuff.

I wouldn’t normally post two videos so close together, but I think the combination of the background music and my trademark five-minute pauses make this one especially suitable for late night weekend viewing.

Behold, top-drawer thingamajigs from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation:

PS, you have read this month’s Christmas Vacation feature, right? YOU HAVE TO.

Novelties based on stuff from Christmas movies are nothing new, but sweet Jesus, these are over the top. The video covers the electronic Attacking Squirrel, along with an item so enormously awesome that even if I shouldn’t spoil the video by telling you what it is, I NEED TO HAVE A PHOTO OF IT ON THE SITE:

It’s the motherfuckin’ Moose Mug PUNCH BOWL, which looks a giant mutant version of the mugs from the movie. It’s fragile, cumbersome and stupidly expensive, but I will never rue the day that I chose this over car insurance.

Hell, I’m already thinking ahead to my family’s Christmas Eve bash. I’m suddenly motivated to make a weird ass holiday salad, just so I can serve it out of this big moose head. Then one of the kids will break it, and I’ll spend the rest of the night hunting pity with a good sulk.