Vlog: Stretch Screamers “Oozers” Figure.

I reserve the right to cover Stretch Screamers again sometime. I love the things, and a ten minute video of me trying to open boxes just doesn’t go far enough to show how much.

If you don’t remember them, Stretch Screamers was a line of fantastic, stretchy monsters.  BIG ones. As the line grew more popular (or less popular, depending on your point of view), ToyQuest started making really, really weird spins on the originals, with all sorts of gruesome add-ons. Chiefly, there were Oozers, which were capable of spewing slime out of various orifices.

I much prefer the original versions, in part because they were elegantly simple, but mostly because one of them looked exactly like “Ghostface” from Scream.  Sadly, I have to get by on what’s on the shelves behind me, so Gunk the Oozer got the nod for tonight’s vid.

I included the commercial within the vlog, but it rendered all stupidly shaky. Perhaps God was punishing me for stealing someone’s YouTube video without providing due credit. Let’s pretend it was an artistic choice.

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  1. Congratulations Terror Claws!! My little boy will be 10 months old tomorrow and I’m looking forward to sharing all my old childhood toys and cartoons with him! Awesome times are ahead!

  2. Congratulations Terror Claws!

    This thread has given me renewed hope about something. Until this moment, I had a problem that was too embarrassing to ask my doctor about. I never expected to find medical comfort here, but it has happened.

    My ear holes are too small.

    Any earbuds inserted into my canals spontaneously eject themselves within minutes. At home I wear massive, high quality headphones but this is not practical on the bus when I am attempting to drown out the sounds of my fellow commuters with terrible music. It has been my shame for so long that my ear holes couldn’t just take it like a man and hold the earbuds in.

    Now that I know this is A Thing, the search can resume for earbuds that are small enough to fit into my head.

  3. Yeah, I work at an electronics retailer and about 50% of our customers can’t handle large earbuds, and there’s even a segment of the population that can’t seem to handle any type of earbud at all. Fear not!

  4. I as well have the tiny ear holes. Let us unite into a political party to destroy the default iPod earphones!

  5. Wouldn’t it be interesting if THAT was the strange subliminal lure that brought us all here? Not a shared interest in anything specific or particular, but a guiding supernatural force that needed to get a bunch of people with tiny ear holes into the same place.

    If Stephen King were writing this story, we’d be about to fight a giant space turtle right about now. Be vigilant, folks.

  6. I never realized that ear buds were such a hot topic. All I know is they tend to cause lots of ear wax impaction. Between those and Q tips our nurses stay busy cleaning out ears.

  7. I don’t have small earholes, but I don’t like things in my ears too much, that’s why I like having both in-ear earphones with the loops that hold them in place and a set of sunglasses with inbuilt mp3 player and attached buds.

    Also, I was doing some photos for the audiology department in one of the testing rooms, they closed the door making it a sealed environment. The complete absence of background noise made me feel sick, unbalanced and very, very unnerved. Sensory deprivation tanks have nothing on being in a brightly lit but totally silent room.

  8. That would be some creepy shit.

  9. BTW, thanks for the congrats all! I sure appreciate it. It’s gonna be so different having a little boy…course he shows up right after Christmas or so, but we won’t screw him out of presents. Jesus’ birthday = presents. His birthday = presents.

  10. Terror Claws: Congratz buddy! Enjoy buyin all those robots in disguise and real american heroes for your new baby boy. lol
    Rev13: Your posts make my day more interesting. If it makes you feel any better, I too dislike tiny earbuds. You’re not alone my quirky friend.

  11. sorry if this is a stupid question but do they still make this toy i went to there website and it says it’s still being made but when i look up the toy on amazon and toy r us i find nothing

  12. I just realized the Dinosaur Dracula menu bar is a bone with chewed meat on it.

    That fixed everything that is wrong with me.

  13. Best of all said “chewed meat” menu bar has 4 dino-drac fang marks. Classy detail!

  14. I still bounce back and forth on vinyl and CD. I do digital for obscure independent 7″ releases that now fetch way too much on eBay (for instance, Amazon just provided me with the single-versions of Burning Airlines’ Carnival/Scissoring 7″, which I was most definitely not going to try to track down a physical copy of), but generally stick to the physical formats for sheer packaging purposes. I’m a notorious sucker for box set releases. One of the first things I ever wrote about on my music blog was for the Beggars Banquet “Omnibus” series of releases, which hit all the sweet spots there are for me with CD box sets. Single albums, expanded in super fancy packaging with lots of liner notes. (Note: I am super small time. I do not make money on that blog or anything, I have like fifteen readers. I’m not digging for traffic, just making it easy if you’re curious)

    I did, however, go in, basically without hesitation, for the recent re-release of At the Drive-In’s In/Casino/Out on clear vinyl. I’ve been wanting that thing for ten years. Once they really broke, then broke up and then Mars Volta took off…it was a waste to even look at buying used copies unless I wanted to spend exorbitant amounts.

    Man, I sound like I’m trying to pull out indie cred or something. Let me go listen to Journey or something to not sound too up-my-own-ass.

    I do, however, do a lot of comics digitally. Space, as JohnV said, is at a premium. My music and movies already turned my apartment into a veritable maze. Two long boxes are already enough of a pain in the butt to try to read from. Having a tablet to read comics from is very convenient. I don’t read text-only books in any form except…well…books, though. But then, I worked for Borders for six years, so, personal wounds, I suppose.

  15. Hooray, Terror Claws!

  16. Oh these are too good. It combines my childhood love of large, screaming mutants with an unhealthy attraction to goo. I’m pretty sure the ENTIRE reason I wanted the Ghostbusters firehouse (and eventually got it!) was for that container of goo. I would have been all over these things.

  17. I DO still buy a lot of actual, physical CDs and vinyl records, and I take a lot of flack for it from my friends; but I just have to have the artwork, the lyrics, the liner notes, and putting it into my car on a long trip, and listening to the whole things as an ALBUM, not just as random songs on my computer. One thing I judge an album harshly on is transitions….I cringe when a band makes a terrible song transition choice….For this reason, my mixed tapes and CDs are the best in the world.

  18. Finally got around to watching this video. God, the sudden cutaways to the seagulls killed me. Also, Matt trying to prime that thing up was quite possibly the dirtiest looking thing I’ve ever seen him do. That look on his face… I felt like I was seeing something that only Mrs. DinoDrac has the rights to see. These vlogs rule.

    “You have excellent taste. Doom is awesome.Davey D
    Thanks! I fully admit that the 7″ in question was a bit of a vanity post, too, as I did the artwork for that release. Sucks to hear that Unearthly Trance finally called it quits, but they did just form Serpentine Path with Tim Bagshaw (ex-Electric Wizard and Ramesses), so at least there’s that album to look forward to later this year.

    “I’ve been listening to lots of Burning Witch lately, and a bunch of Unholy Grave 7″s too!”Davey D
    Well, there’s a couple of names I wasn’t exactly expecting to see over here! Burning Witch truly were phenomenal. There’s a whole bunch of different genres that I dig, but doom metal and ’70s rock/prog are pretty much my bread ‘n’ butter of daily listening.

    “I’ll bring Canadian microbrew!”Davey D
    Well, I can never say no to anything from Unibroue, especially Le Fin du Monde…

    “I can definitely hear a difference between FLAC and MP3-128.”Annette
    I’d almost be worried about the hearing of someone who couldn’t; 128kps is NASTY. 196kbps MP3s and higher, and the differences start to get way more subtle, though, and by 320kbps, the majority of the time, I can’t tell the difference between it and lossless unless I’m A/B-ing it, (sometimes not even then), or occasionally in the case of some high-frequency stuff like snares. Probably due to me listening to way too much stuff at higher volumes that I should on headphones over the years.

    “The Dollar General in my town already has stacks of boxes in the aisles. Boxes of Snickers, Butterfingers, cookies of various styles and flavors. Boxes sporting the colors of orange and black”kingklash
    *insert Darth Vader nooooo.wav here*
    I bitch and moan about it every year, but that is just preposterous. I almost hope I live to see that inevitable era of celebrating all the holidays all year ’round for maximum profits that we seem to be heading towards, if just so I can see the subsequent backlash and full reversion to the old way of celebrating things when marketing people finally get that the fact that this stuff only happens at a particular time of year is what makes it so fun and special in the first place.

    I’ve complained about it in the past, but I’ll now give brewers a bit of leeway with this, as after I saw a conversation with Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. about why in the world they would start rolling out their Tumbler autumn brown ale in the middle of the hot summer, it makes more sense to me. A lot of that isn’t a matter of wanting to be the first one to come out with a seasonal, or to have it available for as long as they can get away with, but rather with having to shift their brewing schedules around to compensate for fluctuating ingredient availability.

    “Best of all said “chewed meat” menu bar has 4 dino-drac fang marks. Classy detail!” drew do
    That seriously is one of my favorite little design touches about this layout. Most people would have just gone with a few generic looking bitemarks, but this actually matches the distinctively destructive dentition of the elusive Nosferatusaurus.

    “listening to the whole things as an ALBUM, not just as random songs on my computer. One thing I judge an album harshly on is transitions….I cringe when a band makes a terrible song transition choice….For this reason, my mixed tapes and CDs are the best in the world.”Muppet Baby
    THIS. I am very much an album-oriented listener, and when not listening to an album all the way through (which is around 90% of the time), it’s a mix that I’ve made where tracks follow each other in a way that sounds “right” to me. I can’t abide putting my iPod or all the stuff ripped/downloaded to my HD on random; there are simply way too many tracks that would clash with each other or ruin a good sense of continuity. The closest thing to “random” that I enjoy is when a DJ that really knows what they’re doing (*cough* like DJ D *cough*) is putting on a show. That way, it’s the best of both worlds—I’ll be surprised by what’s coming up next, but it will be something that I can tell actual human thought went into choosing.

  19. Word. What Jugendsehnsucht said.

  20. I used to create lots of random playlists according to all sorts of things like mood, type of music, etc. But I’ve gotten so damn lazy these past few years. I should start doing that again.

  21. I’m definitely an album guy. I almost never put my Ipod on “shuffle,” because like someone mentioned above, I’d just too many bizarre transitions, like from an old, scratchy 1920s ragtime blues tune, to something loud and screaming. Instead I just browse through to an album that catches my fancy and listen to it all the way through.

  22. “listening to the whole things as an ALBUM, not just as random songs on my computer. One thing I judge an album harshly on is transitions….I cringe when a band makes a terrible song transition choice….For this reason, my mixed tapes and CDs are the best in the world.”Muppet Baby/ “THIS. I am very much an album-oriented listener,”-Jugendsehnsucht

    These things become excessively problematic if you like anything heavy and anything else. While I can happily go to sleep listening to Carcass, bouncing back and forth between them and, I don’t know, early Hall and Oates is disorienting…to put it mildly.

    Let’s not even get into what happens if the Butthole Surfers or Flipper shows up unexpectedly.

    I’ve still been sorting out how to approach music listening at my workplace, and so far I let last.fm pull randomly from my library, with often hysterical transitions.

    (though while the subject of doom is up, let me put in some thumbs upwardly-directed for the peculiarities of Harvey Milk)

  23. I tend to like mix tapes that tell a story, I made a mix tape once of Beautiful South songs that pretty much told the story of a guys rather depressing life. I love reimagining songs to stories and scenes – though the most vivid was re-picturing Shawn Mullins ‘Lullaby’ in to a serial killer slash feature.

  24. “These things become excessively problematic if you like anything heavy and anything else.”FangsFirst
    That’s definitely a problem for me. I can limit it to “random within a genre” and get decent (but still sometimes too incongruous) results, but if I have it truly random, I end up with tranquil stuff like this being followed by this, and that’s enough of a 180° to induce whiplash.

    (though while the subject of doom is up, let me put in some thumbs upwardly-directed for the peculiarities of Harvey Milk)FangsFirst
    Quite an original group; I always find it very hard to come up with a good comparison for them when trying to describe them. Seems like they somehow went mostly unnoticed until Life… came out a couple of years ago, but it’s cool that they’re finally back together and getting some of the good press that they should have received in the first place.

  25. Just want to put in my vote that we go with Jug’s name for the official species of Dinosaur Dracula: Nosferatusaurus. That rules.

  26. So, for anyone who has The Hub and wants to kill some time, Gremlins comes on at 9 EST. Just a heads-up.

  27. Oh, man, the Hub is great. Can’t wait for the third season of R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour!

  28. I’m happily pinning away Halloween and Christmas things on Pinterest and I wanted to make a Spumonster pin, so I typed “Spumonster” into Google and oddly wasn’t immediately given the link for the X-E Spumonster (I found it down the list), but uhhh…. yeah result #5 looks interesting.

  29. [...]being followed by this, and that’s enough of a 180° to induce whiplash.

    Wow, it’s like The Locust is attacking early King Crimson or Ephel Duath.

    Yeah, I’ve only just started fiddling about with Harvey Milk, but I’ve only just started fiddling with a lot of things. I got Life… because it showed up by chance, then went on to the collection of early 7″s Hydra Head put out, and recently Special Wishes when I stumbled into a copy. Not a genre I can claim tons of familiarity with, but I try to keep an ear out for staples at least. Some Sleep, some Cathedral, some odd other stuff.

  30. I did NOT even notice the double fang holes on the left side. The details just keep getting better.

    I love the random setting on my mp3 player. The only thing anything on there has in common is that I like it. My commute is 90 minutes each way and it’s an emotional roller coaster as I let the random tracks dictate my mood for me. With any luck it’ll put me in a good raunchy spirit as I am arriving at w*rk. As it should be.

  31. The problem with ME using shuffle is that my musical tastes are TOO random, and therefore I have huge collections of various genres of music….so just because that Disney song popped up once, doesn’t mean there aren’t 200 other chances that a different Disney song will….I usually only add certain playlists to my computer music player when I have parties, (or am going to one), or suddenly appear in the midst of one, to suit the ‘vibe’ of each party. That includes sometimes taking it OFF shuffle and letting an entire ALBUM play in a row….People often ask who the band is, and if it had been that same band for the last few songs in a row.

    Anyways, ALBUMS>SONGS

  32. I would say I’m an album person but some albums only have a few good songs on them and I don’t care for the rest. And then with some albums, every single song is excellent and the album feels cohesive so I listen to the whole thing. It really just depends.

    I don’t like to put my entire library on shuffle because I like too many random, different things. I don’t want to be jumping from 1980s anime theme songs to Schubert or whatever. Sometimes I’ll make a cohesive playlist and then put that on shuffle, though.

  33. Oh, man, the Hub is great.

    Yes, it is! I have spent nearly every night this summer watching The Hub. I love the various Batman shows they show every night (The Animated Series, Beyond, and Adam West), and the different nights where they have mini-marathons of different shows, my favorites are Alf night and Sabrina night. Plus they also have Wonder Years, Doogie Howser, Family Ties, and more. This week they started “Sumemr Nights on The Hub” where they are showing their cartoons in primetime. My favorite new cartoon of theirs is Dan Vs.. If you’ve never seen it, I think most of you would like it. Dan is pretty much one of us. He gets angry about things (such as lousy parents or losing an exclusive action figure to a friend) and each episode is him ranting against a different thing. A few episodes sound exactly like conversations we’ve had here before.

    Also, this summer they’ve show E.T., Gremlins, , and Gremlins 2 several times each on the weekends!

    The Hub is basically what Nick at Nite used to be.

  34. Watched The Hub last night. Amazing channel. Actually, think I’ll do the same tonight

  35. The Hub almost makes me wish I had cable.

  36. I have never been an album person at all. I have many albums where i haven’t heard all the songs. Transitions never bother me either and thank god for that or I would never be able to listen to the XE Jukeboxes. Their randomness must drive you all crazy!

  37. I turned on The Hub this morning for the baby and we watched Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, and My Little Pony all in a row. The same shows I watched as a kid, albeit in a new incarnation. Soooo crazy.

    Happy SNT?

  38. I love the new My Little Pony show…so cute and at some points hilarious.

    Trying to figure out how to pause Netflix…the online version. I can’t find a pause button…and it won’t go full screen….so if something has a subtitle I can’t see all of it.

    Loving it though….except the fact that It’s Garry Shandling’s Show is on the dvd subscription and not the online one.

    I’ll be darned if I pay 18 dollars just to watch it. I mean Larry Sander’s is online…and I dig that they have all the eps. of Saturday Night Live, and Cheers and stuff.

    I’m watching a tv movie from 1983 called Winds of War. It’s about WWII. Pretty neat if you are into that type of thing.

  39. oh…btw…holy CRAP SNL from 1980 was AWFUL…so embarrassing to watch. No wonder it nearly got canceled. That Charles Rocket guy is just SO bad…didn’t he marry Julia Louis Dreyfus? I noticed that of course Gilbert Gottfried was hilarious, and some lady named Denny Dillon, she was a cute little thing.

  40. Matt

    I realize that you can’t always write nice beefy articles for us, but would it really be asking too much for you to drop an official SNT once a week?

  41. The Wonder Years and G.I. Joe Renegades pretty much made The Hub the best network of 2011 — sorry AMC.

    Also gals and guys, new TMNT show debuts on Nickelodeon in less than two weeks. Excited? Scared? I’ve seen the new toys at TRU and Krang looks AWESOME!!

  42. I said this a couple weeks ago here but on Saturday mornings IFC has The Real Ghostbusters and The Crypt Keeper cartoon on. It’s like how Saturday mornings used to be but cooler.

    Also, I have been using my friend’s kids as an excuse to watch Adventure Time. Brilliant cartoon.

  43. WillBill, I don’t think you need an excuse to watch any damned thing you want. Look at you. You could watch cartoons in feety pajamas all day. Who is going to say a word?

    But if you feel that a religious dispensation would be useful, I can probably help you there.

  44. I can just see Bill in feety pajamas, but the kind that are camo and have like GI Joe characters and logos on it.

    Kinda like how Deej has feety pajamas in black, but faded black.

    OMG, X-E/DD Babies. The best TV cartoon show never made.

  45. You’re a grown ass man. You can watch whatever the hell you want, even if it is cartoons. Most of my DVR is cartoons. Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Phineas and Ferb, Adventure Time, MAD, Spongebob, Young Justice, Ultimate Spider-man, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Dan Vs. Heck, I’ve even watched and enjoyed the new My Little Pony and Pound Puppies before.

    And thank you for the heads up about Ghostbusters on IFC! I am setting a season pass for that now. I get IFC, but it is grouped on DirecTV with the premium channels I don’t get, so unless Onion News Network or Portlandia is on, I forget to change it over there and see what they are showing.

  46. Brandon- you can get around that by setting a “favorites” list on your remote. I hate how you have to cycle through all the channels you don’t get.

  47. Yeah, I saw the new TMNT toys and they are pretty badass. They have just a slightly different look than the originals, but nothing too severe. And Toys R Us has these large (like 10 inch) turtles with pop-open shells to store their weapons. Niiiiiice

  48. So I’ve been slowly watching all the big 80s films that I missed out on. This time around I watched Pretty in Pink and St. Elmo’s Fire. Well…I don’t feel that watching them was a complete waste of time, but I appreciated them more for their 80s-ness than as good movies. They were probably a lot better back in the day.

  49. ANNETTE— ‘Saint Elmo’s Fire’ like…beats you in the face with its eighties-ness. Less so than ‘Pretty in Pink’ does anyways, I think. ‘Pretty in Pink’ has a classic Eighties storyline, but ‘Saint Elmo’s Fire’ has your 80′s hair, music, music video camera cuts, the 80′s ‘lifestyle’, the 80′s ‘perfect cast’….or should I say “perfect cast for the 80′s.” etc etc

  50. Oh man, I forgot that The Real Ghostbusters is now on IFC. One of my all time favorites. Thanks for the heads up.


  51. Toys R Us has been sold out of the new Turtles since they came out. They hgave the larger ones, as well as the ones that makes sounds and the Classics line. So, I went to Target, and they had one of everything except Krang(I know the new one is Kraang). So I grabeed Donnie(my favorite), and Leo. I will be opening Donnie tonight(to hopefully review on my blog). I love the new look of the Turtles, and I can’t wait to see the new show. If the new Thundercats season starts soon, I’m gonna have a hell of a lot of television watching to do, since Dexter, and The Walking Dead are just around the corner(maybe a little Boardwalk Empire as well).

  52. I’m no longer shocked when seeing Halloween stuff being sold when it is still August and 90 degrees out but last Sunday I was taken aback when I walked into Stop n Shop and right by the door was a display of Thanksgiving themed plates, napkins, etc. and not just the fall leaves motif but with turkeys on them. Can they at least wait until we get a foot in the door of September?

  53. Dude, I loved all those 80′s movies BIG time! But then something happened. Someone mentioned in a critical review of St. Elmo’s Fire that they were all self-centered jerks. I rewatched it and….oh man…they were totally right. Once I wasn’t 16-17 watching it, I realized all those people were complete jerkfaces. Ruined the movie for me. :( But truly 80′s, since most people were giant self centered jerkfaces.

  54. Man, who the hell wants to buy autumn-related items when it’s still 110 degrees out every day? Not me. That shit can wait until September, at least.

    I think St. Elmo’s Fire is possibly the single most “80s” movie I’ve seen to date. And they are definitely a bunch of jerks. The only character in the movie that I kinda felt sorry for was Kevin, and also Wendy– until the end, that is. Everyone else I just wanted to punch in the face.

    The only thing that really jumped out at me about Pretty in Pink is that James Spader was really good at playing a smarmy asshole. And also that Andie really wasn’t all that poor. I mean, she had a car, lots of cute clothes (even if she did have to make some of them herself), a phone in her room, etc. In most scenes she was better dressed than pretty much everyone else. I guess that’s the 80s for you. Funny how things change. Nowadays, “thrifting” is cool and making your own clothes is REALLY cool.

  55. Fall things on sale already? It won’t even been cool here until October if we’re lucky.

    I’ve seen the new Ninja Turtles, but only briefly. Need to make another trip to TRU to investigate! Not sold on the new cartoon yet, but we’ll see.

  56. Terror Claws-
    The same thing happened to me while watching “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” a few years ago. I realized what a jerk Ferris is, how he manipulates and cajoles his friends while displaying a complete lack of sympathy for the difficult situations his actions place them in.

  57. Hahaha I’m enjoying you guys invoking the image of Bill and DJD in footie pajamas. I feel like that should inspire a Christmas card photo or something.

    Personally, I never stopped watching cartoons. These days, with the kiddo, I’ll turn them on “for her” but she ends up wandering off to be imaginative while I remain glued. My current faves are Adventure Time, Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated (they reference Lovecraft, Big Trouble in Little China, Gremlins, the list goes on, it’s super well done and nerdy), and Gravity Falls (it’s pretty new, and it has Kristen Schaal doing one of the main voices and she’s adorable).

  58. I’ve heard so many good things about Adventure Time. I think I’ll have to check it out someday. Some cartoons aren’t my cup of tea, but I’m still very open to the idea of watching cartoons, even though I’m almost 30 and have no kids to use as an excuse.

    I bought an Avengers calendar the other day. I was hoping the cashier would ask me about it so I could say, “Hell no, I don’t even have kids. This shit is for ME.” But he didn’t say anything.

  59. I fell so behind watching cartoons. I wanted to check out that Transformers Prime show and the new Thundercats but I always miss episodes and they disappear from the OnDemand list before I get a chance to see them. I’m gonna TRY to stay on point with the new TMNT.

    Sorry, Yoda.

  60. I agree with Another Tom – rewatching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as an adult made me realize what a narcissistic, sociopathic asshole Ferris was. He manipulated everyone around him for his own shallow gains. He probably ended up being an investment banker. And Ferris was portrayed as being the hero of the story! Ah, the 80s.

    The only thing that bugs me a little about the new TMNT designs is that Donatello (my favorite) has a big gap in his front teeth. What’s that all about? Is he supposed to be missing a tooth or something? Seems like a strange, quirky detail to give a cartoon character.

  61. Oh, yes, and I can also attest to how awesome Adventure Time is. It’s colorful and goofy enough to appeal to my 5 year old, but it’s surrealistic and charming and good-natured enough to appeal to adults as well.

  62. tanta07 – Yeah, I wasn’t too thrilled about Donnie(my favorite as well) with a gap in his teeth. The other 3 Turtles have their teeth showing, similar to the old-school figures. Donnie’s mouth is closed, and he looks rather stoic. He is also a little taller than his brothers, and Mikey is the shortest. I think they look great though! They remind me a little of the original designs from the comics. The Turtles are my favorites when it comes to toys, comics and cartoons. And I must say, I was a bit apprehensive about how Nickelodeon would handle the property, but so far I have been pleasantly surprised.

  63. The new TMNT is debuting on Nick 9/29. And speaking of our favorite teenaged turtles the tenth and final season of the original series finally hits DVD shelves at any brick and mortar store near us next week on 8/14. Yay!

  64. I have the entire TransFormers G1 series on DVD, including The Movie in it’s place between season 2 and 3. Although, during the Headmaster season, I was a bit creeped by Arcee’s feelings toward Daniel. Even back in the day, that struck me as odd, as it just cropped up suddenly, even considering the circumstances of the situation. But then, Arcee hardly seemed the Headmaster type anyway.

  65. I can say with authority that I watch a TON of cartoons these days. On my Apple TV I have Transformers, GI Joe, Strawberry Shortcake, MASK, Dungeons and Dragons, Thundercats etc, and ALL of the episodes. My kiddo goes through phases – like where she watched every D&D episode over 2 weeks. She was into Thundercats and I got her a toy sword of omens (thanks Amazon!) and hopefully we’ll get to finish season 2 now.

  66. Just had a crash course in Breaking Bad. I am now only 3 episodes from being current. I managed to watch almost the entire series in a week it was so damn good. I guess I shouldn’t be so leery about shows that “everyone” says are good anymore.

  67. I’m guessing it’s been a couple of weeks since the last time I even looked at this place, let alone read the comments or attempted to reply. Looks like I missed a lot of good conversation. I’ve had a hellish week or so and it’s nice to stop in and know I can always rely on this joint to consistantly be its DinoDrac-ish self. So, here goes the catch-up.

    First off, congrats to Terror Claws!

    On the subject of ear buds, I hate them. I’ve yet to use a pair that stayed in my ears for more than .37 seconds. Maybe I’ve just got the tiny-lobe syndrome you guys were talking about, but for me, it’s headphones all the way. Of course, DJ’ing radio and club gigs has a lot to do with that. It’s all about canceling out as much background noise as possible. I like them as big and padded and bulky as possible. The old style is making a bit of comeback, but they don’t make them like they used to.

    I got a new turntable not too long ago, but I still need a stereo receiver and some speakers for it. I think Jugendsehnsucht posted some pics of his not too long ago, and it was pretty sexy. I’ve been setting up at the flea market with my dad the last couple of weeks, and I was walking around and came across a table where this guy was selling the whole setup. He was asking $50 for the receiver. I’m there a lot and I think I might stop back by there some other time and see if I can haggle him down a little.

    Anyway, I was mentioning that I had a hellish week. It started out on Saturday when I was on my way out of town to go do my show and blew a tire. I’ve been driving for a while on tires that were not exactly healthy, and had planned on replacing them all this weekend anyway and was hoping they would hold out till then, but I guess not. So, I had to get out and do the whole changing-the-tire-by-the-side-of-the-interstate-thing, with giant semi trucks flying by me and nearly knocking me over with their wind the whole time. Unfortunately, just as I was finishing up and getting ready to put everything back in the trunk of the car, the sky opened up and I had to deal with a downpour as I limped home on my sad, spare doughnut. I’ve been driving back and forth to work all week on that thing and I hope it makes it there and back tomorrow. I only need it to hang in there one more day, and I’ll have it all sorted out on Saturday afternoon.

    I’ve been working extra overtime hours this week (13 hour days every Mon-Wed) for the last few weeks because I’m trying to save up for some new DJ’ing equipment and laptop. I’m doing a wedding on September 1st and have to get it all sorted it out. Plus, the laptop is going to go a long way toward making my show sound a lot better and will hopefully enable me to finally set up podcasting and YouTube vids of the whole thing.

    “One thing I judge an album harshly on is transitions….I cringe when a band makes a terrible song transition choice….For this reason, my mixed tapes and CDs are the best in the world.”Muppet Baby
    Absolutely, yes. It makes all the difference. I discovered the art of mixed tapes my freshman year of college and went absolutely crazy with it. I still have a stockpile of them and would like to drag them out to listen to them, but I just realized I no longer have anything to actually play them on. My old boom box died a long time ago and I don’t have any other radios with cassette players. I seem to remember them being made up everything from Bauhaus to Brian Eno to Robert Thompson to King Crimson, with some Doors and Captain Beefheart thrown in as well. I was lucky enough to have been paired up with a roommate whose older brother owned a record store and this kid was versed in music well beyond his years. He’s the guy I can credit for introducing me to King Crimson (and prog in general) as well as Robert Jordan, who I’m still obsessed with.

    “The closest thing to “random” that I enjoy is when a DJ that really knows what they’re doing (*cough* like DJ D *cough*) is putting on a show.”Jugendsehnsucht
    Aaaaw, shucks! Yeah, there is a lot of thought put into sections of the show. However, I will admit there are bits where I’ve got 30 seconds left in a song and suddenly just need a fast tempo deathrock track. “Uuuuuh, yeah, something by All Gone Dead should work. What track!? Doesn’t matter, just cue it up! Go, go, go!” It’s a good thing the camera in the studio isn’t actually broadcasting a feed online, because I have had a few running-around-in-a-panic moments, but hopefully it doesn’t show in the final product. I like to think it all runs fairly smoothly and the seams don’t show too much.

    “I can just see Bill in feety pajamas, but the kind that are camo and have like GI Joe characters and logos on it.

    Kinda like how Deej has feety pajamas in black, but faded black.

    OMG, X-E/DD Babies. The best TV cartoon show never made.”Guise
    Someone has to get on producing this thing. The possibilites are endless. I’m picturing segments of Matt as a frustrated little kid as he tries to tear into his Christmas presents.

    “Just had a crash course in Breaking Bad. I am now only 3 episodes from being current. I managed to watch almost the entire series in a week it was so damn good. I guess I shouldn’t be so leery about shows that “everyone” says are good anymore.”phunqsauce
    I’ve heard nothing but good things about this show, but I’ve never seen any of it. A guy at work is constantly trying to get me to watch it, but I’ve got so many things I’m trying to catch up on, I have no idea when it’s ever going to happen. I’m sure at some point I’ll have a marathon and Netflix the whole thing, but it’s going to have to get in line behind True Blood and Dexter, which I’ve actually never seen either. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I know both of those things would be right up my dark little alley, but they both got away from me early on, and I just never got round to catching up.

  68. That was the most insane commercial ever. LOVED the part where the kids are covered in slime, spinning around, screaming.

  69. Wow, I thought you had been here DJ D! Welcome back. Thanks for the congrats. I’m hoping with the shift to cooler weather (from 113 in Oklahoma to a seasonable 97 tomorrow) it’s time to start breaking out the horror movies. If my wife doesn’t complain, starting with original Nightmare on Elm Street tonight, then working through the rest of the series. Yay!!

  70. Man I love your blog, but being in front of a camera is not your strong suit. It’s not a looks thing, you are just really boring on camera. Not sure if this was on purpose, but if it was the joke was way to long. Still love your page though

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