Purple Stuff Podcast: The SLIME Show!

The latest Purple Stuff Podcast is here, and this episode is many years in the making. Get set for an hour-long tribute to ALL THINGS SLIME. Slap on a vinyl poncho and watch out for weird glowing puddles.

Yes, it’s THE SLIME SHOW. Our ooziest episode ever. Me and Jay from Sludge Central are big fans of the sticky stuff. That was actually the trickiest part of this episode, since we’ve already talked about so many slimy things on prior shows! (Sorry to anyone who was expecting Slimer Sundaes or Turtle Pies, but they’re already in our archives!)

Instead, this was a chance for us to fish out some super random things that wouldn’t fit on any other episode, from the Super Soaker Oozinator to Slime Slurps candy. It’s our first show for 2024, and I think we’re setting a good tone for the rest of the year!

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Stop reading here if you’re avoiding spoilers, but if you’d like to know more about the eight icky sticky subjects we’re covering on The Slime Show, follow the links below!

1. RGB: Adventures in Slime & Space!
2. Gelooze Fruit… Drinks?
3. Oozers Action Figures!
4. Masters of the Universe Slime Pit!
5. Super Soaker Oozinator!
6. Slime City, from 1988!
7. Gooey Gus, from Ghostwriter!
8. Slime Slurps Candy!

Thanks so much for your continued support of the Purple Stuff Podcast! Hard to believe that we launched this baby way back in 2015. We’re looking forward to spending another year with you guys, and we appreciate your kind comments, shares and reviews. Enjoy the new episode!