The 2019 Halloween Mood Table!

Happy October! As is tradition, I’m starting the month with another Halloween Mood Table. This year’s edition is a little different, though. It’s more of a Mood House.

Instead of the usual assortment of decorations, candies, books and bric-a-brac, I threw a dollhouse on top of a tiny table. It may not be as robust as some of my prior Mood Tables, but this baby has a story to tell.

You see, this is Dino Drac’s house, and he’s throwing a Halloween party.

There’s Dino Drac in his bedroom, having a conversation with Leviathan. It must be a deep one, too, given that Dino Drac has downed an entire bottle of Shiraz. That stuff is liquid emotion.

Leviathan’s eyes say it all. She’s hearing things that are a little too heavy for a Halloween party, and also things that only make sense if you drop every fourth word and imagine proper sentence breaks.

On the other hand, Dino Drac is a lightweight compared to ALF, who is definitely the “that guy” of this party.

Loud, obnoxious and hiccuping, ALF has commandeered the only bed. Everyone was relieved when he went upstairs, even if he took half of the wine with him.

ALF is currently shouting something about dirigibles, a word that he definitely cannot pronounce at this moment.

The main party is localized to the first floor, where friends gather to dance, shout, drink, eat and play charades. It’s a wild scene. Only the most assertive guests manage to find room near the table. The rest lean against walls and pretend they like it that way.

How Stripe managed to attend in both his Mogwai and Gremlin forms, nobody knows. It’s kind of a hot topic, actually.

There’s wine for the drinkers, soda for the drivers, and enough snacks for everyone. Dino Drac spared no expense. Of course, one may question the wisdom in serving nothing but Fritos and Hostess cupcakes in a house that lacks even a single bathroom.

Oh look, there’s Mummato. He’s a total shrinking violet. Every party has one. Mummato was a last-minute invite and doesn’t really know the other guests. He’s not good at striking up conversations, and he’s intimidated by the noise and laughter.

Mummato tells himself he’s having fun, even if he’s just hiding in a corner and mentally counting the minutes. He can’t wait to be back at home, with his cat.

Dino Drac even decorated his front yard, with pumpkins, gourds and animatronic zombies. The zombies cost way too much, even with those coupons from Spirit Halloween. Later in the night, the drunkest partygoers will arrange them in compromising positions and post the photos on Instagram. Dicks.

ALF has finally passed out, so Dino Drac can finish talking to Leviathan without needing to scream. Turns out that he just wanted to show off his Halloween Mood Table! It’s topped with spooky toys, autumnal fruits and a party light from Spencer’s.

These freaks will keep drinking and eating and yelling, all October long. Every time I look at them, it’s like my boring ass living room has come alive. That’s exactly what I want from a Halloween Mood Table, so even if this one isn’t as large as some of my previous efforts, it’s still one of my faves.

When I listen closely, I swear I can hear ALF snoring.