Chilling Challenge! (#2)

Last week, I challenged you to watch a horror movie you’d never seen. Looks like quite a few of you took me up on it! There are so many great “capsule” reviews of everyone’s discoveries in last week’s thread, so read it if you missed it!

Now get ready for your second Chilling Challenge of the 2020 season…

It’s time for you to EAT CANDY.

But wait — there’s a catch!

I want you to pick a candy you’ve never tried before, OR one that you normally avoid over some vague childhood memory of not liking it very much. Maybe it’ll hit differently now?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a “Halloween” candy, because during this season, all candy is Halloweeny.

So many of us claim to hate Mary Janes — but when’s the last time we tried one? This could be your chance to give them another shot.

Most of us love Snickers — so much so that we completely ignore Milky Way. Maybe this’ll spur you to buy a full-sized Milky Way bar for the first time in your life?

Course, if you want to keep it simple, you can just sample one of the new-for-2020 candies, like the Franken Cups or those Hershey’s Vampire Kisses.

BONUS POINTS: This challenge may encourage you to hit a supermarket, department store or pharmacy to select your candy. Those little trips are the secret heart of the season.

When you’re done, report back on which candy you picked and what you thought of it. You have until next Friday to complete this challenge!