Chilling Challenge! (#3)

Last week’s Chilling Challenge took a while to heat up, but in the end, a whole bunch of you took the plunge. I asked you to try a candy you’d never eaten before, and report back with your thoughts. Here are the results, if you missed ‘em!

This week, I challenge you to watch the THIRD film in any horror movie franchise. (Or any franchise that has some arguable tie to the Halloween season.)

It can be a “#3” you’ve seen a billion times, or one you’ve never watched before. I’ll leave that part up to you!

There are a lot of options. Everything from Elm Street to Friday the 13th to Halloween to Poltergeist has a “#3” to offer, and the well runs way deeper than that.

If you haven’t seen many horror movies and worry that jumping into a third installment will just leave you confused… trust me, it rarely will.

Pick a movie, watch a movie, and report back with what you thought about it. If it’s something new-to-you, review it. If it’s something you’ve seen plenty of times before, maybe you’ll catch something new?

(You can also leave comments suggesting cool “#3s” for anyone who isn’t sure what to go with!)