Chilling Challenge! (#4)

For this week’s Chilling Challenge, I want you to (trick or) treat yourself.

Search the internet, and buy something that’s somehow connected to the Halloween season. (Even if it’s a super loose connection.)

If you’re strapped for cash, you don’t need to spend a lot. Even a cheap used book from Amazon or eBay will do. The idea is to just give yourself a little something to look forward to!

Figure on spending $20 at most, though if you search hard I’m sure you can find something cool for way less.

Blu-rays! Candles! Magazines! Weird video games! An old spooky action figure! Maybe some kind of pumpkin-scented soap!

The choice is yours. Report back about what you bought. If you MUST buy something in person, go for it, but this challenge was really about finding treasures online, and having that small thrill of anticipating something cool in the mail.

Tell everyone whatcha bought, in the comments!

(If you missed last week’s challenge, click here!)