Macabre Movies of the Week! (#2)

Get ready for the second edition of Macabre Movies of the Week, featuring another trio of spoooooky vids that you can binge now or spread across the week. Your call!

First up is The Video Dead, a horror film that with a little more finesse might’ve been something huge. Course, I wouldn’t trade the final product for anything. I’ve run this on After Dark before, but it’s so worth a double-dip. Horror fans are generally aware of the film, but I feel like it isn’t talked about enough!

Synopsis, from Google: “Ghouls from the movie ’Zombie Blood Nightmare’ emerge from a brother and sister’s TV.”

Next we have the old My Pet Monster cartoon series — and I mean the whole series. This is a playlist containing every single episode, so if you enjoy what you see, you can let it play for hours.

The show ran on ABC for just one season in ‘87. Given the sheer implausibility of My Pet Monster getting a series to begin with, I’d still call that a rousing success.

This last video was suggested by our pal Jugendsehnsucht. It’s a 20/20 special report called VCR Horrors, which aired in 1987. (Fittingly enough, the same year The Video Dead was released.)

It was an exposé on the many “sadistic” movies available to impressionable kids, with the expected dose of heavy-handedness. After 30+ years, it’s more amusing than aggravating. It’s also especially resonant for someone my age, because when this aired, I was still young enough to envision all but the most mainstream horror movies as direct portals to Hell.

To view the previous Macabre Movies of the Week, click here. I’ll be back next Friday with more.