Macabre Movies of the Week! (#3)

For this edition of Macabre Movies of the Week, I decided to stick with my own uploads — partially because I trust myself to use decent YouTube thumbnails! Yeah, that’s a particular hangup of mine.

All three videos have appeared somewhere on Dino Drac before, but chances are, you kind of glossed over them while checking Instagram or whatever. Give ‘em a shot! This is all great stuff, I swear.

First up, here’s an immense playlist containing over 100 spooky TV commercials from the ‘80s and ‘90s. I created this playlist last year and it really got around! There’s a little bit of everything in here, from toys to food to movies and beyond.

Next we have a full episode of Friday the 13th: The Series, complete with its original TV commercials from 1988! This is the episode we did a podcast about back in June. It’s about a mother who must murder innocent people to satisfy the curse that keeps her baby alive. I love this episode, and it’s what made me give the series at large another look.

Finally, here’s The Wickedest Witch, a 1989 made-for-TV special that aired exactly once and was never released on video, let alone on DVD or streaming platforms. Rue McClanahan plays the titular witch, who rules over a horde of goblin puppets. (This was during Rue’s Golden Girls heyday, and yeah, there’s a bit of Blanche in her performance!)

Enjoy. If you’d like to see the previous Macabre Movies of the Week, click here.