Sinister Survey! (#2)

During last week’s Sinister Survey, I asked you to come up with a “Halloween makeover” for an existing junk food. There were soooo many great ideas! If anyone missed that thread, it’s required reading.

Now it’s time for our second Sinister Survey:

When we think about the Halloween traditions of our youth, our minds drift to the big stuff: Costumes, candies and pumpkins.

But I wanna know if you had any traditions that were a little less obvious. Think back! What was something you counted on as part of your childhood Halloween seasons that *wasn’t* one of the “major” things?

Mine was stickers. Yeah, stickers. As in Halloween-themed stickers. Like those Hallmark stickers that came with four sheets per package. Straight through elementary school and even beyond, I needed at least one pack of those every single Halloween season.

I liked the stickers, of course, but what I remember most are the fun things they encouraged me to do, from mailing gaudily-decorated letters to prettying up my school notebooks.

To this day, I have an unusual reverence for Halloween stickers, even if I can find far fewer uses for them as an adult.

Your turn! Name some of *your* oddball childhood Halloween traditions, in the comments!