2021 Holiday Season: Week 3!

Sorry about this week’s thread being a little late — we were busy recording the next podcast.

This doubles as The Thanksgiving Thread. Well, it does if you live in the States, at least. If you do, let’s hear about how you’re celebrating, what you’re eating, and how you’re spending the rest of the extended holiday weekend.

I’ll also add a secondary survey to this week’s thread. Since it’s Thanksgiving and all, name three things you’ve been thankful for this year. (Trivial stuff is fine! If the damned Spider-Man trailer made you happy, go with it.)

Here are three of mine:

1) I’m thankful for Halloween the Cat, a bright spot in a year that got pretty dark.

2) I’m thankful for HBO Max, especially RN, because I like having instant, eternal access to A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation and that Thanksgiving-themed third-season episode of The Sopranos.

3) I’m thankful for my remaining stock of Pecan Caramel autumn candles, which I bought extras of before Michaels switched over to pine. They calm me!

This week’s background noise is the 1990 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. We covered this exact parade on The Purple Stuff Podcast back in 2019. It’s the one with the infamous Quik Bunny intrusion. Enjoy!