The Angriest Whopper is awesome and red.

Burger King’s Angriest Whopper is like a surprise hit of Halloween during springtime.

They’re not advertising it this way, but it’s obviously a “sister burger” to the legendary (and infamous) Halloween Whopper. I love Burger King’s increasing obsession with dyeing bread, and I cannot mean that more sincerely.


Note how they used tilted pepper graphics to create a character out of the wrapper. It’s no big leap to imagine this subtle demon as an all-out mascot, with fries for teeth and a body made of flames. You’ve heard of Lucifer? This can be Juicyfer.


The “red bread” gimmick isn’t merely cosmetic. Similar to how the Halloween Whopper had A-1 baked into the bun, this one is imbued with hot sauce.

It’s a major step up. Halloween’s black buns seemed to create more confusion than delight, but this is just straight-up GOOD. The heat complements the ensemble and feels like it belongs there. More importantly, you get to eat dystopian steampunk bread.

Actually, the whole burger is great. I thought I’d be eating the Angriest Whopper just for its mutant historical value, but it’s seriously one of the best fast food burgers I’ve had. Burger King rarely does much for me, but this was on par with anything from Red Robin or Applebee’s. (Which granted isn’t super high praise, but still good marks for a burger that was apathetically prepared over the course of 30 seconds.)


The components: Flame-grilled beef patty, lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheese, fried onion petals, jalapenos and “spicy angry” sauce. (And traditionally also with mayo, but I asked them to hold that on account of mayo being the best argument against the evolution of mankind.)

Those ingredients read hotter than they taste. The Angriest Whopper has unmistakable heat, but it’s not nearly to the point of making this a “novelty” burger, to be eaten only on dares or for the sake of taggable Instagram photos. You won’t like it if you’re 100% averse to spicy food, but it’s not just for heat hounds.


Oh, and I’d be remiss not to mention the thing. If you remember all of the hubbub surrounding the Halloween Whopper, you already know about the thing.

All I can tell you is that neither I nor any of my friends have reported a return of the thing. Given that Burger King seemed to discontinue the Halloween Whopper early all because of the thing’s bad press, my guess is that they tweaked the formula to avoid the same mishap. Then again, I can’t say that I’ve done any wide polling about this particular subject.

I’m gonna give the Angriest Whopper a 10 out of 10. Generous, yes, but I’m just so totally down with Burger King’s expanding line of macabre cheeseburgers with alien anime buns. More, please.

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